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In a recent RSM study, we explored the key business challenges faced by manufacturers. The findings were clear in that many manufacturers have digital change high on the agenda, but often struggle to find practical ways to make it happen.

Your challenges

Process automation developed through technology innovation has enabled manufacturers to become more efficient, reduce cost of production and scale their operations.

However an ageing workforce, rising labour & energy costs, and increased industrial legislation have made it harder for manufacturers to remain competitive.

Manufacturers need to have the flexibility across their supply chain, production, distribution, order management, and accounting processes to be able to test, launch and retire products and services accordingly.

Often firms are unable to integrate digital systems, resulting in critical business information remaining trapped in silos and ultimately leading to less informed strategic decisions.

The ability to stay one step ahead of demanding customers and competitors is subsequently impacted and this is why many manufacturers are turning to cloud ERP systems to improve business efficiency and reduce wastage of time and resources.

RSM manufacturing study findings revealed that:

92 per cent will increase their spend on digital change in the year ahead.
87 per cent believe digital change will positively impact their organisation.
72 per cent say digital change is among their top 3 business priorities.
33 per cent will devote more than 3 per cent of 2019 annual expenditure to digital change.

Why NetSuite and RSM?

Oracle NetSuite is a market-leading cloud ERP platform that lets you manage your entire business with one integrated application over the internet. RSM is an award-winning NetSuite partner who understands the challenges that manufacturers face and, working with you, can identify opportunities for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering real time data to enable you to manage your business effectively.

RSM’s dedicated technology and management consulting team have deep expertise in the configuration and integration of NetSuite along with change management, process improvement and finance transformation. We work closely with our national manufacturing group to understand the intricate needs of your sector. We adopt a collaborative approach, and work with you to ensure your staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills they require.

What are the benefits of Netsuite and RSM?


Automated order-to-cash processes

 Line graph

Improved profit margins through real time visibility and monitoring of processes and capacity utilisation


Optimisation of your capital investments such as machinery, materials handling and personnel training


Streamline your warehousing operations and deliver products on-time at optimal cost


Manage and optimise your supply chain through a single application


Reduced costs of hardware, support and integration


Single database providing accurate real-time information available across all devices

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Integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting

NetSuite quick tips video series

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