Weekly tax brief | 5 April 2022

Are digital nomads living in a tax-free world?
Kate Aitchison
With the technology shift to virtual meetings and remote working, we have seen an increase in so-called digital nomads. For those with the flexibility to manage their affairs, can a nomadic lifestyle help in escaping the tax system entirely?

Rising living costs and helping others; your IHT position may improve too
Eugenia Campbell
Whilst many struggle with rising living costs and the impending health and social care levy, those that have been least affected want to help. Could an IHT exemption incentivise giving?

Spring cleaning for a new tax year
Alex Foster
 6 April 2022 marks the start of a new tax year, providing an opportunity for people to get on top of their tax affairs from the beginning. It might be worth thinking about reviewing a number of financial matters relating to tax and getting ahead early.

Tax hikes set to drive up employee share ownership
Chris Etherington
 Following the Chancellor’s tax hikes on earnings, many employees and business owners will be considering what they can do to mitigate the impact. Incentivising staff with shares in the company is a common route to explore in these circumstances but it can cause a major tax headache in the future if it is not done carefully and is increasingly becoming a sticking point when selling a business.

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