Weekly tax brief | 4 January 2023

How employers could ease the financial pain of train strike travel and accommodation costs
Tania Cavanagh
The journey back to work after the festive season has been a painful one for some as train strikes continue into the new year. However, a little-known tax relief could ease the pain for some as it allows employers to reimburse certain travel and accommodation costs tax-free for employees where the costs relate to strike action.

Commonly missed tax return tips for lowering a bill
Chris Etherington
With the new year upon us, many individuals will now be looking at completing and submitting their 2021/22 tax return ahead of the 31 January 2023 deadline. We look at some of the commonly missed claims and elections that could be made to reduce tax liabilities.

Don’t forget to claim working from home tax relief
Paul Slokan
With less than one month to go until the 31 January filing deadline many taxpayers will be rushing to complete their Self Assessment tax returns. For employees, there is one tax relief in particular that is easy to claim but equally easy to miss.

LLPs: some common pitfalls
Rob Harris
Those starting a business in the new year may be scratching their head on the best way of structuring this new venture. An increasingly popular option is an LLP structure for businesses to use as their trading entities due to the substantial tax benefits they provide in the right circumstances. However, there are some tax pitfalls peculiar to LLPs that entrepreneurs need to think about first.

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