Weekly tax brief | 29 March 2022

Tax relief pain for crypto miners
Chris Etherington
Individuals who have invested in expensive computer equipment, hoping to become rich from cryptocurrency whilst they sleep, may have a shock when it comes to calculating their tax as HMRC could disallow relief for the costs incurred.

Lost for something to do this weekend? Time for some simple tax planning
Jackie Hall
With the end of the tax year almost here, it’s worth reviewing your tax affairs to make sure you are using these simple tax planning measures where appropriate.

Government pads out VAT relief on energy saving materials
Sarah Halsted and Paul Russell
Last week’s Spring Statement included announcements of VAT reliefs for residential installations of energy saving materials, including solar panels and heat pumps. But, set against a background of sharply rising costs and a complex picture of government grants, will the VAT cut actually produce benefits for householders?

A career in taxes – where did all the time go?
George Bull
The world of 1976, when I began my career in taxes as an inspector of taxes in what was then the Inland Revenue, seems like a faraway land. As I prepare to retire at the end of March 2022, two questions inevitably arise. First, where did all the time go? Second, what are the major changes which have occurred over the years?

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