Weekly tax brief | 27 November 2019

Does the Conservative party have a cunning plan to avoid stealth taxes?
George Bull
History suggests that the Conservative party manifesto ‘triple lock’ headline commitment on tax rates may, if the party forms the next government, subsequently force the Chancellor to impose stealth taxes. Closer analysis of the manifesto suggests something rather different might be planned.

Tax planning opportunities in the event of a Labour government
Jackie Hall
With the recent publication of the Labour Party’s manifesto tax plans, many individuals will be looking to rearrange their finances to minimise the impact of a possible change in government. But what, if any, options are available to do so?

Doctors unconvinced by NHS pensions fix
James Gransby
NHS England has announced that clinicians affected by an NHS pensions Annual Allowance tax charge for the 2019/20 tax year would have any tax payable reimbursed to them on retirement. They may have been hoping for a positive reception to the plans but doctors remain wary. 

Scots can be forgiven for being baffled by the party manifestos
Shirley McIntosh
Understanding the complex UK tax system is hard as it is, but when you layer on the interaction with the devolved administrations, the task gets even harder for Scottish voters. 

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