Weekly tax brief | 23 November 2022

Who wins the World Cup of tax?
Chris Etherington
 The World Cup has kicked off but which of the nations competing this year would win the tournament if it was their tax regimes, as well as their football skills, that were put to the test? We crunch the numbers and model who would be the likely victors. Without wanting to spoil the result, it’s fair to say this particular trophy is not coming home.

Does the Autumn Statement have a silver lining for inheritance tax savings in a recession?
Eugenia Campbell
The Autumn Statement was a sombre tax affair but the chance to minimise IHT presents a silver lining. Gifting assets with depressed values, can save taxes and helps the next generation battling a living cost crisis and looming tax rises.

The unexpected tax rate consequences from the Autumn Statement
Tim Parr
Last week, chancellor Jeremy Hunt set out his Autumn Statement in a bid to fill the UK’s £55bn black hole in public finances, leaving the majority of households up and down the country with higher taxes for years to come. With the recent outcry about the highest sustained tax burden since the second world war, perhaps it is worth examining what the real effective tax rate really is.

A Call of Duty – consultation on modernising the audio-visual tax credits
Will Simpson and Graham Steele 
Film, TV and video game production is a thriving and valuable part of the UK’s creative sector. These industries have grown dramatically in recent years helped in no small means by generous tax breaks. What do the changes to these reliefs proposed by the government mean for the UK’s competitiveness in this sector?

Tax increases could still be needed – but where do we go from here?
Jackie Hall
If, as many suggest, further tax rises are needed to tackle the dire economic outlook forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility, where can we go from here?

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