Weekly tax brief - Tax day special | 23 March 2021

Tax Day – more about policy-making than policy
George Bull
There has to be a first time for everything. Nobody knew quite what to expect of Tax Day. The overriding impression from the 30-odd updates, consultations and documents is that the Government is putting a lot of effort into collecting established taxes rather than raising new ones. New laws will outweigh tax simplification. Climate change issues hardly gain a mention. And the question of the all-important tax roadmap for businesses remains unanswered.

Should the cladding tax rules go further?
Chris Etherington
As the current Grenfell Tower hearings draw to a close this week, the Treasury has announced it will publish a consultation for a new tax on large residential property developers. This new tax will be introduced in 2022 to help pay for the costs of cladding remediation but should it go further?

Individuals and small companies to face earlier tax payment dates in future?
David Barton
Two new calls for evidence on modernising tax administration and bringing forward tax payments could profoundly impact the way businesses and other taxpayers experience the UK tax system in the long term.


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