Weekly tax brief | 21 January 2020

Last minute can be costly for your tax return
Jackie Hall
If you leave your Self-Assessment tax return to the last-minute, take extra care you don’t miss any incomes or gains, or forget your PPI! 

Will entrepreneurs’ relief be abolished?
George Bull
Described as the worst tax relief in the UK, entrepreneurs’ relief is an anachronism in a country which prides itself on ensuring that every tax relief is underpinned by a robust policy objective. Will it survive the Chancellor’s Budget on 11 March 2020?

What does equal pay mean for the tax system?
Susan Ball
With a significant rise in employment claims relating to worker status and worker pay, what is the tax treatment for these settlements? For most successful claimants, a tax bill will follow the award.

Are HMRC getting serious about closing the tax gap?
Scott Harwood 
Individuals and small businesses account for two-thirds of all the unpaid tax in the UK. With the tax gap rising to £35 billion, will prosecution or Making Tax Digital make a real difference in closing the shortfall?

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