Weekly tax brief | 20 April 2022

HMRC announces a one-off settlement opportunity but with a twist…
Noel Mooney
HMRC has announced a new settlement opportunity for remuneration trust tax schemes but there is a limited window of opportunity to act and benefit from its unique terms.

Business owners taxed on proceeds never received
Chris Etherington
A recent case involving the sale of a care home business highlights how business owners could inadvertently be taxed on sale proceeds that they do not receive if legal agreements are not drafted appropriately.

Top tips to reduce a family’s IHT exposure
Jackie Hall
 With rising inflation, planning for inheritance tax liabilities on death becomes even more important. So, with the cost of inheritance tax rising, what can be done to protect family wealth?

Time running out for relief on business investment
Rupert Guppy
 Businesses are currently facing various economic challenges including inflation, supply chain issues and a tight labour market. However, despite these headwinds, it could be argued that we are experiencing the most attractive environment for business investment in decades.

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