Weekly tax brief | 17 October 2018

Haven’s above: How ‘no deal’ Brexit could bring tax hikes or tax haven status
Chris Etherington
As Brexit negotiations continue to stall and rhetoric around leaving the EU without a deal increases, rumours abound that tax rates will be slashed in response. Alternatively, a ‘no deal’ scenario could also bring a change in government and with it the possibility of increased tax rates. So, what might a ‘No Deal Britain’ mean for individuals in these two polarised scenarios?

Can taxpayers trust HMRC’s guidance?
Andrew Hubbard
HMRC provide a range of advice to help taxpayers navigate their tax returns, but a recent Office of Tax Simplification report raises some important issues around whether taxpayers can rely on HMRC guidance. Taxpayers need to know where they stand.

Will IR35 reform for the private sector be announced in the Budget?
David Williams-Richardson and Sarah Saunders
As the government looks to generate extra revenue, could the reform of the IR35 process for public sector organisations, which has netted an extra £410m in tax revenue, lead to reform for private sector businesses? And what would this mean for contractors and the companies who use them?

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