Weekly tax brief | 16 June 2021

Will the enforcement body for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?
Carolyn Brown & Susan Ball
Coordination between disparate labour market enforcement agencies is now to become a reality with the publication of the long awaited BEIS response to the consultation. But will the government’s newly announced single enforcement body (SEB) for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?

New VAT trap for exports to private customers
Sarah Halsted
While the recent abolition of the retail export scheme and tax-free shopping at airports have been widely discussed and criticised, another VAT change affecting exports by private individuals may have slipped under the radar. This could come as a nasty surprise for overseas buyers at UK auctions, among others.

A wealth tax for Scotland?
Shirley McIntosh
Wealth tax is a hot topic worldwide, whether as part of paying for the pandemic or creating a more equal society. Can minority political parties influence the debate?

Divorcing couples should seek advice to avoid a nasty tax shock
Alex Foster
The number of couples considering separation or divorce has peaked over the last 12 months as a direct result of the pandemic restrictions. While tax may not be high on the agenda at such a difficult time, advice should be taken to avoid any nasty tax surprises. 

Is it time to move out of the Jane Austen era and change the UK’s tax year?
Fiona Bell
Tinkering with the year-end might have been helpful to simplify some tax calculations in Jane Austen’s times. However, in the digital era, there are programs and apps that can easily sort this out. The move towards in-year filing and tax collection suggests the 5 April year end makes little difference anymore.

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