Weekly tax brief | 13 November 2019

Could this be the election where ‘non-dom’ tax status dies in a ditch?
Chris Etherington 
While voters await the publication of the Labour and Conservative election manifestos, one anticipated battleground is the respective parties’ tax policies for the wealthiest in society. In particular, individuals benefiting from non-UK domiciled (‘non-dom’) tax status could be in the crosshairs of both major parties, albeit in very different ways. Could this be the election where ‘non-dom’ tax status dies in a ditch?

Author campaigns for abolition of VAT on digital publications
Sarah Halsted and Philip Munn 
A campaign has been launched which aims to persuade the government to extend the VAT zero-rate on books and publications to include digital publications and audio books; but will we see changes in the UK?

HMRC defeated as common sense prevails for homeowners
Elaine Shiels 
A taxpayer has been successful in the Court of Appeal to ensure that ordinary homeowners are not exposed to capital gains tax (CGT) during the period between exchange and completion. Surely, it’s time for HMRC to accept the legislation should work as intended and change their guidance on this.    

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