Weekly tax brief | 13 July 2021

Art and money laundering: why you may now need your passport to buy art 
Sarah Saunders
The art market attracts criminals seeking to launder money. There has been increased legislation on this recently. Now HMRC has finally issued guidance to art dealers on how to spot suspicious transactions.

Is patent box coming home?
Graham Steele and Will Rainford
While changes in July this year mean the UK’s patent box tax regime has just become more complex, it’s still worth the effort to claim this generous relief.

VAT, e-commerce and the EU’s Import One-Stop Shop
Sarah Halsted
Even after Brexit, a registration for the EU’s new VAT Import One-Stop Shop is a must-have for most UK e-commerce vendors. But, like many valuable things, it can be difficult and expensive to obtain.

Finance Bill 2022 – already?
Shirley McIntosh
It’s only been a month since the Finance Act 2021 received Royal Assent, but already the process of preparing the Finance Bill 2022 has started. Next Tuesday 20 July sees the publication of draft clauses as part of the government’s commitment to improving standards of tax legislation.

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