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Weekly tax brief | 7 December 2021

07 December 2021

This week's articles include 'Do people really want tax cuts if that means poorer public services?', 'Crypto traders should invest in a digital will', 'HMRC delays escalate', 'Scottish Budget faces dual challenge of inflation worries and financial impact of Covid' and 'Tribunal denies VAT relief on insulated roofing panels'.

Weekly tax brief | 30 November 2021

30 November 2021

This week's articles include ‘Another new tax: economic crime levy applies from April 2022’, ‘Bankruptcy risk for crypto investors’, ‘Last chance for companies to review their CJRS position?’, ‘New freeports bring investment opportunities and tax breaks, but will they support the Government’s levelling up agenda?’ and ‘VAT repayments: are business owners receiving everything they are entitled to?’.

Weekly Tax Brief | 23 November 2021

23 November 2021

This week's articles include: HMRC’s aged IT systems put taxpayer data at risk; Are MPs misusing personal service companies?; Does HMRC need to change its approach to CJRS compliance?; and Court of Appeal: gig-economy businesses must look at bigger picture when assessing worker status.

Weekly tax brief | 16 November 2021

16 November 2021

This week's articles include: 'Tax bills rise as post-pandemic employment earnings squeezed by “bracket creep”', 'Decarbonisation challenge for the UK government to avoid regional and sectoral disparity in the energy transition', and 'Tribunal pressures HMRC to speed up VAT refunds for DIY housebuilders'.

Weekly tax brief | 9 November 2021

09 November 2021

This week's articles include: 'Three things to do before a trade war', 'How do you tell whether a letter from HMRC is genuine or a scam?', and 'HMRC: how is it doing?'

Weekly tax brief | 2 November 2021

02 November 2021

This week's articles include: 'Is environmentally sustainable also fiscally sustainable?', 'Does a change in location change how income is taxed?', 'A preliminary estimate by HMRC suggests that the VAT gap is closing, but what have we learned?', 'Over three quarters of NHS workers to suffer in proposed pension contributions shake up' and 'Budget silence on capital taxes'.

Weekly tax brief | 26 October 2021

26 October 2021

This week's articles include: 'Swimming against the tide after Brexit: how far will VAT move into uncharted waters?' and 'What are the hidden costs of buying UK property for non-UK domiciles?'

Weekly tax brief | 20 October 2021

20 October 2021

This week's articles include: 'What tax changes will the Chancellor announce on Budget day?', 'A (geographically) wide-reaching budget?' and 'Plastic packaging tax: is your business ready for April 2022?'

Weekly tax brief |12 October 2021

12 October 2021

This week's articles include 'El Salvador paves way for UK Bitcoin tax savings', 'Think your Covid VAT arrears are dealt with? Think again…', 'How long should it take HMRC to deal with a repayment request?' and 'High income child benefit charge contradicts government policy'.

Weekly tax brief | 5 October 2021

05 October 2021

This week's articles include 'When will the UK reach ‘peak tax’?', 'Pandora Papers: Tax avoidance is not the real issue', 'HMRC appeals to moral conscience of taxpayers' and 'Do HMRC’s VAT rules on listed building works stand up to scrutiny?'

Weekly tax brief | 28 September 2021

28 September 2021

This week's articles include 'Loan charge – controversy, more controversy and a crucial deadline', 'Winter fuel payments require reform', 'Prepare for lift-off (and taxes)', 'Workforce rights are changing, but regulation still looks a long way off' and 'Is making tax digital protecting the digitally excluded? Of course, it’s all on the internet!'

Weekly tax brief | 21 September 2021

21 September 2021

This week's article includes 'Energy crisis: what are the tax lessons?' and 'National Insurance increase means many could overpay for businesses if increased staff costs not considered'.

Weekly tax brief | 14 September 2021

14 September 2021

This week's articles include 'Turned eighteen in the past year? If so, you may be missing out on free money', 'How can HMRC collect more tax debt?', 'When is a business not a business? When it no longer qualifies for VAT registration', 'Will UK corporation tax policy stifle economic growth?' and 'Harsh impact of Health and Social Care Levy shows MPs must be told what they’re voting for'.

Weekly tax brief | 7 September 2021

07 September 2021

This week's articles include: 'Will carefully crafted Health and Social Care Levy proposals defeat objections?', 'Tribunal Judge comments highlight confusion over CJRS rules and HMRC guidance' and 'Could tax appeals challenging incorrect advice from HMRC be about to get easier?'.

Weekly tax brief | 2 September 2021

02 September 2021

This week's articles include 'Sweeping EU VAT changes result in additional complexity and cost for GB retailers', 'Multiple fundamental changes are suggested for the income tax system: is the impact being properly reviewed?' and 'Now the Home Office is in trouble with HMRC over IR35 failings'.

Weekly tax brief | 24 August 2021

24 August 2021

This week's articles include: 'Freeport success threatened by row between Government ministers', 'TRS #2 – think again, do you have a trust arrangement?', 'Creative sector tax reliefs on the rise' and 'National Minimum Wage – which part of ‘minimum’ do employers not understand?'

Weekly tax brief | 17 August 2021

17 August 2021

This week's article's include 'The lifetime allowance freeze is a pensions time bomb waiting to explode, but HMRC-approved help is at hand', 'Founders missing out on tax relief', 'HMRC could follow the IRS in crypto crackdown' and 'Kopparberg sues HMRC for tax discrimination'.

Weekly tax brief | 10 August 2021

10 August 2021

This week's articles are ‘CGT statistics show it's time for a tax cut’, ‘M&A boom leads to VAT risk’, ‘Tax reform for partners and the self-employed: cash flow problems and more red tape?’, ‘Changes in HMRC’s interpretation of certain tax rules sprung on non-doms go unannounced’ and ‘Making tax better’.

Weekly tax brief | 3 August 2021

03 August 2021

This week's articles are 'Governments must accelerate carbon taxes as the pace of climate change increases', 'IR35 and the failings of HMRC’s Check Employment Status Tool' and 'Is it reasonable not to have a tax agent?'

Weekly tax brief | 27 July 2021

27 July 2021

This week's articles include 'The cost of a social care levy on the over-40s', 'Could your long-standing EU-based VAT strategy be overturned by the UK courts?', 'A Brave New World: will HMRC soon do your tax return for you?', 'HMRC has confirmed the normal minimum pension age will rise from 6 April 2028' and 'Family investment companies survive HMRC’s firing line'.

Weekly tax brief | 20 July 2021

20 July 2021

This week's articles are 'Tax rift between the PM and his Chancellor?', 'Draft legislation published for Finance Bill 2021-22', 'Haworth decision has supreme consequences for HMRC', 'Chinese restaurant makes HMRC eat humble pie in tax case win', 'The prospect of increases in taxes on growing personal wealth' and 'Is your tax payment really necessary?'.

Weekly tax brief | 13 July 2021

13 July 2021

This week's articles are 'Art and money laundering: why you may now need your passport to buy art', 'Is patent box coming home?', 'VAT, e-commerce and the EU’s Import One Stop Shop' and 'Finance Bill 2022 – already?'.

Weekly tax brief | 6 July 2021

06 July 2021

This week articles are 'Will ‘the right companies pay the right taxes in the right places’?', 'Coronavirus travellers face SDLT surprise', 'Your friendly neighbourhood taxman?', 'HMRC defeated by taxpayer in child benefit case' and 'Don’t get ripped off, check what a ‘deed of assignment’ for a tax repayment covers'.

Weekly tax brief | 29 June 2021

29 June 2021

This week's articles are 'Sin taxes on Sunday roasts?', 'Act now on Covid support errors: HMRC steps up compliance activity', 'Tax return pain awaits crypto investors', 'Why the young should have Powers of Attorney', and 'Seller beware: the VAT flaw that may lurk in your delivery app'.

Weekly tax brief | 22 June 2021

22 June 2021

This week's articles include 'Austerity or uncertainty – UK business taxation without a roadmap', 'The magic money tree: a wealth tax on billionaires', 'Could a remote working exodus cost the UK £32.5 billion in tax?', 'Will compensation payments for poor pension transfer advice be taxed?' and 'Should ‘Finfluencers’ face fines for shoddy tax advice?'

Weekly tax brief | 16 June 2021

16 June 2021

This week's articles are 'Will the enforcement body for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?', 'New VAT trap for exports to private customers', 'A wealth tax for Scotland?', 'Divorcing couples should seek advice to avoid a nasty tax shock', and 'Is it time to move out of the Jane Austen era and change the UK’s tax year?'.

Weekly tax brief | 8 June 2021

08 June 2021

This week's articles include 'G7 tax agreement was driven by mutual need. What happens next?', 'Will the consultation on R&D tax incentives go far enough?', 'Will a residential property developer tax achieve its goal?', 'HMRC to endorse tax avoidance schemes?' and 'Is the UK sacrificing global trade relations in the pursuit of net zero?'

Weekly tax brief | 2 June 2021

02 June 2021

This week's articles include 'HMRC misfires on electric car VAT rules', 'Tackling corporate crime remains firmly on HMRC's agenda', 'HMRC external research programme: what’s on the list and what’s not', 'Are R&D tax incentives working?' and 'Justice must be seen to be done in high income child benefit charge case'.

Weekly tax brief | 25 May 2021

25 May 2021

This week's articles are 'CGT reform: do you want the good news or the bad?', 'Is a capital gains tax trap waiting for you in your own back garden?', '30-day CGT returns: a third of sellers make late returns. Is the deadline too short?', and 'Taxpayer fights HMRC tooth and nail in Supreme Court battle'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 May 2021

18 May 2021

This week's articles include 'Silo thinking on taxes threatens UK plans to reach net zero by 2050', 'Medical staff business given no alternative but to pay VAT bill', 'The IHT system needs radical reform now to create a fairer society' and 'And so, the crackdown on 'Covid fraudsters' begins'.

Weekly tax brief | 11 May 2021

11 May 2021

This week's articles include 'Nations assess negotiating positions over Biden tax plans', 'What would ‘devolution of VAT’ mean in Scotland?', 'Can Scotland afford its independence?', 'Consultation outlines new taxes for residential property developers' and 'The continuing saga of woes with HMRC’s 30-day CGT reporting'.

Weekly tax brief | 5 May 2021

05 May 2021

This week's articles include 'Biden could inspire a UK exit tax', 'Are your employee benefits still fit for purpose?', 'How does HMRC define a car park and why does it matter to an ice-cream man?', 'More people using flexible pension access', 'HMRC guidance is improving; long may it continue' and 'HMRC's silence on residence test causes problems for Brits trapped abroad'.

Weekly tax brief | 27 April 2021

27 April 2021

This week's articles include 'VAT decision on hospital parking charges could spill over into the education sector', 'VAT import rules for charities seem unfair', 'How does the new EU-UK trade deal impact supply chains?', 'Northern Ireland: what are the top 10 Brexit-related changes for VAT and customs?' and 'CJRS 4: are further tweaks to the system just window-dressing?'

Weekly tax brief | 20 April 2021

20 April 2021

This week's articles include 'Is the UK government rethinking its stance on green taxes?', 'Want to pay more tax? The government will make it easy for you', 'CJRS: As easy as 1,2,3?', 'Thinking of letting your employees work from abroad? Consider the legal and tax implications' and 'Time for a change, but will one size fit all?'

Weekly tax brief | 13 April 2021

13 April 2021

This week's articles include 'Supreme Court protects care home operator from painful VAT bill', 'Digital ID measures could block the gateway for 30-day CGT reporting', 'Will the shadow economy be a victim of Coronavirus?' and 'Covid working from home tax relief needs to be claimed again'.

Weekly tax brief | 7 April 2021

07 April 2021

This week's articles are 'A pause in tax hostilities between the USA and the UK?', 'Hidden cost of Covid-19 for some of the hardest hit sectors', 'Carbon Border Tax – protectionism or protecting the world?' and 'Another source of funds for business?'.

Weekly tax brief | 30 March 2021

30 March 2021

This week's articles include 'Paying dividends – as simple as 1,2,3…or is it?', 'HMRC’s clock is ticking for collecting offshore liabilities', 'Do you really need to pay your capital gains tax within 30 days?', 'Making Tax Digital for VAT: don’t forget digital links' and finally 'Hidden history'.

Weekly tax brief - Tax day special | 23 March 2021

23 March 2021

In today's tax brief special, articles include 'Tax Day – more about policy-making than policy', 'Should the cladding tax rules go further?', and 'Individuals and small companies to face earlier tax payment dates in future?'

Weekly tax brief | 22 March 2021

22 March 2021

This week's articles include 'How Bitcoin fraudsters could leave you high and dry with HMRC', 'Does HMRC consider you to be sufficiently ‘credible’ to receive your tax repayment?', 'Year-end actions can save tax, but don’t overlook the other financial consequences', 'Big setback for charities as European court decides Wellcome Trust must charge itself VAT' and 'After the problems of 2020 it may pay to prepare your 2020/21 tax return early'.

Weekly tax brief | 16 March 2021

16 March 2021

This week's articles are 'HMRC, a keen follower of social media influencers', 'Tax policy must play its part in delivering net-zero by 2050', 'Honours and checking candidates’ tax probity' and 'The hidden, and not so hidden, costs of Brexit'.

Weekly tax brief | 9 March 2021

09 March 2021

This week's articles include '25 per cent corporation tax makes personal service companies less attractive', 'New penalty regime for VAT returns in 2022 – good news or bad?', 'Can HMRC build back better after the pandemic?', 'HMRC set to strengthen civil information powers', 'HMRC’s investment in fighting fraud and error' and 'And finally… the super-deduction: why 130 per cent?'

Weekly tax brief | 1 March 2021

01 March 2021

This week's articles are 'Tax after coronavirus' and 'HMRC needs to protect honest taxpayers, as well as catch dishonest ones.'

Weekly tax brief | 23 February 2021

23 February 2021

This week's articles are 'Budget Day announcements to be followed by Tax Day on 23 March', 'Uber difficult: is a statutory employment test increasingly likely?', 'Furnished holiday lettings and capital allowances – the perfect combination?', 'Uber – where does this leave us for VAT?', 'HMRC – deep pockets, short arms?' and 'Construction Industry VAT: assessing the working capital impact of the domestic reverse charge.'

Weekly tax brief | 16 February 2021

16 February 2021

This week's articles are 'Capital taxes in the UK: what does the Government want to achieve?', 'HMRC prepares to launch new payment scheme to pay back VAT deferred because of Coronavirus', 'Can the tax system support the reinvention of our retail spaces?', 'Time to rethink the High-Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC)' and 'Proposed tax reforms could have significant impact on rural landlords and land letting.'

Weekly tax brief | 9 February 2021

09 February 2021

This week's articles are 'VAT rubs salt in the Grenfell Tower cladding wound for private leaseholders', 'GPs to receive tax refunds and pension boost which could see them retire early', 'Tax reform: how much and what?', 'Hidden tax traps for younger generation jumping into the investment property market' and 'OECD clarifies impact of the continuing coronavirus travel restrictions on taxpayers'.

Weekly tax brief | 2 February 2021

02 February 2021

This week's articles are 'RSM publishes its Budget tax predictions', 'Is HMRC being mean-spirited regarding the loan charge?', 'Tax havens are so 2020' and 'Moving personal possessions around Europe in a post-Brexit world'.

Weekly tax brief | 26 January 2021

26 January 2021

This week's articles are 'The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is due to end on 30 April 2021, but what next?', 'Should we just scrap Stamp Duty Land Tax?', 'Are some frontline healthcare professionals working overtime actually paying to go to work?', 'HMRC confirms waiver of £100 late filing penalty for self-assessment tax returns', 'Is it time for a one-off wealth tax in the UK?' and 'HMRC dangles the carrot to settle tax avoidance arrangements'.

Weekly tax brief | 19 January 2021

19 January 2021

This week's articles are 'What happens to taxes if the UK becomes the Singapore of Europe?', 'HMRC enquiries issued this month could result in triple whammy for taxpayers subject to the loan charge', 'General Electric appeals to EU court to protect UK voucher scheme' and 'Cryptocurrency gains are nice, but don’t forget the tax'.

Weekly tax brief | 12 January 2021

12 January 2021

This week's articles are 'Will Budget tax increases become Covid-19 casualties?', 'Falling service levels: does the taxman need a 31 January tax return deadline extension as much as the taxpayer?', 'Can effective use of tax losses help small businesses?', 'HMRC issues record money-laundering fine' and 'Tribunal decision threatens further education colleges’ VAT status'.

Weekly tax brief | 5 January 2021

05 January 2021

This week's articles are '‘Tax and fairness: the debate has changed', 'Will U-turn over cross-border tax reporting provide the UK with a Brexit dividend?', 'Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday should be phased out gradually', 'No amnesty from HMRC on 31 January tax return deadline', 'Brexit deal revealed, but what does the future have in store?' and 'Preparing your 2019/20 tax return? Don’t forget the loan charge!'.

Weekly tax brief | 22 December 2020

22 December 2020

This week's articles are '‘Tis the season to be gifting into trusts ', 'What does the logjam in the Channel tell us about a food carbon tax?', 'Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS): Are underclaims just as fatal to grant claims as overclaims?', 'Is more data for HMRC more of a problem?' and 'Help people handle their own tax affairs'.

Weekly tax brief | 15 December 2020

15 December 2020

This week's articles are 'Feeling threatened by HMRC’s reminders about self-assessment tax returns? Don’t be!', 'What can you be doing this Christmas to get your tax return in on time?', 'Having problems calculating your 31 January tax bill after the turmoil of 2020?' and 'How can I reduce my 31 January 2021 tax payment?'

Weekly tax brief | 8 December 2020

08 December 2020

This week's articles are 'OECD in head-to-head VAT clash with UK charity body', 'Charity Tax Group reports the UK charity tax gap is £2 billion a year', and 'What are different countries doing to attract the rich?'.

Weekly tax brief | 1 December 2020

01 December 2020

This week's articles are 'Are thousands of trustees about to incur HMRC penalties due to deficient HMRC systems?', 'HMRC calls upon allies in the fight against tax avoidance', 'Why does HMRC send so many nudge letters? Why not go after the real tax criminals?', 'What is a reasonable excuse? HMRC tries to explain a spreadsheet error', 'Lockdown divorcees could pay a high tax price', and 'HMRC scores own goal in football pitch VAT debate'.

Weekly tax brief | 23 November 2020

23 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Taxspotter’s guide to the Chancellor’s spending review', 'Eat Out to Help Out is leaving a sour taste in HMRC’s mouth', 'Scottish Budget 2021', 'Capital gains tax – action may be needed now', and 'Christmas parties: some good tax news!'.

Weekly tax brief | 17 November 2020

17 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Could HMRC red tape tie up vaccine trials?', 'Home sweet tax-exempt home – but how long do you have to live there?', 'Don’t ignore the true impact of the automatic filing deadline extension for accounts', 'HMRC targets multinational companies in transfer-pricing crackdown', 'Is this the end of employee share schemes?', 'When is a holiday lettings business not a business? Tax case shows that Parliament must resolve inconsistency'.

Weekly tax brief |10 November 2020

10 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Brexit: the Top 5 customs disasters awaiting cross-border traders in 2021', 'Controllers of companies to be educated by HMRC', 'Tax collection costs increase. Do we need a happier HMRC?' and 'Could new lockdowns mean unexpected tax bills for internationally mobile employees? '

Weekly tax brief | 3 November 2020

03 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Loan charge refunds – what’s so special about the Budget 2020 date?', 'Brexit: will you need a bank guarantee to defer customs charges in 2021?', 'Is HMRC set for a lockdown penalty windfall?' and 'Is this the right time for HMRC to issue nudge letters?'

Weekly tax brief | 27 October 2020

27 October 2020

This week's articles are 'Increasing risk of personal liability for directors of distressed companies', 'Tribunal blindsides HMRC in housebuilder VAT dispute', 'Simplifying tax claims, helping the taxpayer' and 'And finally … more nudges from HMRC'.

Weekly tax brief | 20 October 2020

20 October 2020

This week's articles are 'Brexit: time is running out, but for whom?', 'Tax, ESG and the US presidential election', 'More needs to be done to help creatives', 'Job Support Scheme launch imminent, but employers left to guess the rules' and 'Mind the gap – government departments’ clash over tax gap creates blame culture.'

Weekly tax brief | 13 October 2020

13 October 2020

This week's articles are 'The loan charge settlement saga continues', 'Government seeks views of producers and retailers on plans to reform alcohol duty', 'More needs to be done to help creatives', 'Including data and cloud costs would incentivise businesses to undertake more R&D', 'Yet another set of residency rules: SDLT surcharge for non-residents' and 'Could a hard Brexit see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods?'

Weekly tax brief | 6 October 2020

06 October 2020

This week's articles are 'Employers using the CJRS at risk of underpaying holiday, notice and redundancy pay', 'HMRC to launch two new targeted nudge letter campaigns', 'Airbnb to provide information on renters’ income to HMRC', 'Thinking of moving to Scotland?' and 'Are aphrodisiacs ‘food’ for tax purposes?'.

Weekly tax brief | 29 September 2020

29 September 2020

This week’s articles are ‘Is 30-day CGT reporting being missed by conveyancers?’, ‘Can public engagement with taxation help determine post-coronavirus tax policy?’, ‘Budgeting is never easy…’, ‘Businesses must take corporate tax crime more seriously, or risk criminal conviction and an unlimited fine’ and ‘More time to pay some taxes under latest Covid-19 Government measures.’

Weekly tax brief | 22 September 2020

22 September 2020

This week’s articles are ‘Deferring CJRS payments with TTP: this time it’s personal (liability)’, ‘National Minimum Wage - rate freezes a possibility but enforcement still a priority’, ‘New VAT risk to property developers and local authorities’, ‘HMRC slips up in skating rink VAT appeal’ and ‘30 September is the deadline for reporting and paying the loan charge.’

Weekly tax brief | 15 September 2020

15 September 2020

This week's articles are 'Could the Chancellor’s CGT plan backfire?', 'More difficulties created by the Trust Registration Service', 'HMRC seeks backdated VAT on early termination fees and compensation payments', 'CJRS Enforcement ', 'HMRC CJRS U-turn could result in many claims being miscalculated', 'Government’s duty-free shopping cutbacks have angered retailers' and 'HMRC’s information gathering powers are expanding further'.

Weekly tax brief | 8 September 2020

08 September 2020

This week's articles are 'Grants to complete customs declarations after Brexit: will you be ready in time?', 'The CJRS corrections clock is ticking', 'Will the UK Government’s new tax on plastic packaging make a difference?', 'Northern Ireland: Government denies it is about to renege on its customs agreement with the EU' and 'When is a tax adviser not a tax adviser?'

Weekly tax brief | 2 September 2020

02 September 2020

This week's articles are 'New £15 billion VAT refund scheme for NHS and central government could impact net funding and supporting businesses', 'Why are US figures used in the algorithm which calculates the UK tax gap?', and 'Will employers terminate their gig economy workforce first with no redundancy pay?'.

Weekly tax brief | 25 August 2020

25 August 2020

This week's articles are 'R&D tax relief reforms risk stifling innovation in small firms', 'Who pays the tax bill anyway? Well-intended tax schemes often penalise consumers', 'Free money! Children’s Trust Funds begin to mature', and 'HMRC is back and focusing on people with offshore investments'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 August 2020

18 August 2020

This week's articles are 'Is HMRC short-sighted in restoring Crown preference at a time when many SMEs and their lenders are already struggling?', 'Could employees committing furlough fraud top six million?', 'How to turn the SDLT holiday into a permanent income tax break', 'Action required by 29 August to benefit from VAT rate cut' and 'Last chance to make a SEISS claim'.

Weekly tax brief | 12 August 2020

12 August 2020

This week's articles are ’Upper Tribunal confirms £1m VAT bill for essay-writing provider’, ‘Bitter fruit: will claiming a loan charge refund give HMRC a bigger bite of the tax cherry?’, ‘SDLT cuts in a pandemic: what’s happening?’ and ‘As more people set up home offices, what is the impact on their capital gains tax?’.

Weekly tax brief | 4 August 2020

04 August 2020

This week's articles are 'Is the NHS facing a big tax bill for keeping us safe and well?', 'UK employees working overseas could fall into a tangled tax web', 'More needs to be done to regulate R&D tax credit to weed out poor advisers', 'The UK is a leading player in global video games production, but tax relief is complicated and slow' and 'VAT relief on charity advertising arrives in the digital age'.

Weekly tax brief | 28 July 2020

28 July 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax changes alone won’t save the UK high street', 'Beyond Brexit: Government reveals its 2025 UK border strategy', 'Chasing the silver pound – countries compete to encourage pensioners to relocate', 'A new Carbon Emissions Tax would not provide a united front in the fight against climate change' and 'Making Tax Digital for income tax should heed the lessons from MTD for VAT'.

Weekly tax brief | 21 July 2020

21 July 2020

This week's artlcles are 'Entrepreneurs Relief: version 2.0', 'Tribunal supports reduced rate of VAT for the hire of child car seats', 'How many consultations does it take to reform the UK tax system?' and 'The rural community must speak up'.

Weekly tax brief | 14 July 2020

14 July 2020

This week's artlcles are 'Online quiz launches reform of capital gains tax', 'A wealth tax is likely but how might that look and work?', 'Make no mistake – HMRC is serious about enforcement' and 'Low-tax Freeports in the UK: what’s all the fuss about?'

Weekly tax brief | 8 July 2020

08 July 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax thoughts on the Chancellor’s Summer Statement', 'Residential property: capital gains tax deadline tightens again', 'Coronavirus grant income is taxable and, for some, this tax will be due sooner than they think', 'HMRC hints at plans for an electronic border with the EU' and 'R&D roadmap spells progress but now Government and business must engage'.

Weekly tax brief | 30 June 2020

30 June 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax increases and the 8 July fiscal statement: the mood music changes', 'Will we see a bold new progressive tax policy from the Conservative Government?', 'With the claim deadline looming, we urge the Government to urgently review the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)', 'Where does a student really live and does it matter for VAT?' and 'Warning to advisers on deferring tax payments and VAT payments which are now due'.

Weekly tax brief | 23 June 2020

23 June 2020

This week's articles are 'A targeted stamp duty land tax change could make downsizing less painful', 'Could a ‘fat tax’ solve holiday hunger?', 'By relaxing R&D tax relief criteria, Government could help boost capital expenditure', 'It pays to understand the small print when it comes to HMRC' and 'The company car coronavirus tax tip'.

Weekly tax brief | 16 June 2020

16 June 2020

This week's articles are 'Capital allowances and coronavirus – cash back please, Chancellor', 'Protect your VAT recovery on the cost of post-coronavirus mergers and acquisitions', 'Should the rates of VAT be reduced to stimulate the coronavirus-impacted economy? Or is there another way?', 'Could your CJRS claim plunge you into a National Minimum Wage enquiry?' and 'HMRC resumes VAT compliance checks after coronavirus shutdown'.

Weekly tax brief | 9 June 2020

09 June 2020

This week's articles are 'HMRC’s smart and stealthy approach to closing the tax gap', 'HMRC postpones introduction of domestic reverse charge VAT for construction services', 'VAT on unborn baby scans? Tax tribunal states its case' and 'Should social enterprise and charities be mourning the loss of Social Investment Tax Relief?'.

Weekly tax brief | 2 June 2020

02 June 2020

This week's articles are 'VAT and customs duty: make sure your supply chain is Coronavirus and Brexit proof', 'Will there be a new VAT responsibility for online marketplaces in 2021? ', 'Unprecedented, now deal with the unexpected' and 'Will July’s fiscal event include tax increases?'.

Weekly tax brief | 27 May 2020

27 May 2020

This week's articles are 'Coronavirus recovery and taxes: what is Europe doing?', 'How HMRC could scupper coronavirus contact tracing', 'The ongoing IR35/off-payroll working rules saga', 'How to give away your stock without giving away the VAT', 'The Home Office Tax Trap' and 'Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme'.

Weekly tax brief | 19 May 2020

19 May 2020

This week's articles are 'Is it time to let HMRC loose on the coronavirus profiteers?', 'HMRC’s latest procedural changes to Inheritance Tax are welcome but staying alert to scammers is critical', 'Is your COVID-19 voucher offering VAT-proof?' and
'Ambiguity surrounding High-Income Child Benefit charge (HICBC) might land you in trouble!'

Weekly tax brief | 12 May 2020

12 May 2020

This week's articles are 'Which taxes are being hit hardest by coronavirus?', 'Government support for the self-employed – make sure you are ready', and 'Directors must act in the best interests of stakeholders or could be found personally liable '.

Weekly tax brief | 5 May 2020

05 May 2020

This week's articles are 'Clamping down on tax crime can help pay for coronavirus recovery', 'Buy-to-let landlords should polish their crystal balls', 'How to beat the short-term cost of accessing your pension', 'Universities urge HMRC to "help us help the NHS"', 'How unlisted company investors can recoup their coronavirus losses' and 'No good deed goes unpunished – tax treatment of abortive costs of ventilator production'.

Weekly tax brief | 28 April 2020

28 April 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax reform can help meet the needs of post-coronavirus UK', 'The hidden SDLT cost of coronavirus', 'Coronavirus: make sure your good deed goes unpunished', 'Changing your accounting date can save tax', 'Should you defer July payments on account? ', and 'HMRC’s policy on agreement of trading losses during coronavirus crisis needs clarity'.

Weekly tax brief | 21 April 2020

21 April 2020

This week's articles are '£128 billion coronavirus hit for this year’s tax receipts', 'Is HMRC’s software able to keep up with changing tax legislation?', 'Tribunal support for leisure businesses on overpaid VAT could open claims for £1.5bn', 'COVID-19 tax deferrals will not be offset against R&D credits', 'RSM agrees new VAT relief with HMRC to cover fire authorities and NHS fighting Covid-19' and 'The tax-free nature of gambling proceeds'.

Weekly tax brief | 15 April 2020

15 April 2020

This week's articles are 'Coronavirus boost to digital services tax could help pay for PPE', 'Employers with no PAYE online account may suffer delayed payment of vital furlough grant', 'What happens if the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is not extended beyond 31 May?', 'Charities and government COVID support: what is the tax and VAT position?', 'COVID-19 – deferment extension to duty and import VAT payments', 'Import VAT and duty freeze on medical supplies and emergency export controls on PPE' and 'In National Pet Month, who would have thought the VAT rules around food for our beloved pets could be so complicated?'.

Weekly tax brief | 8 April 2020

08 April 2020

This week's articles are 'How can the Chancellor limit tax increases after lockdown ends?', 'We are all Homeworkers now', 'Opportunity to enshrine carbon targets in any airline bailout package', 'Some welcome support for executors', 'Plunging asset prices – should grandchildren be cheering?', 'Don’t be caught out by the changes in pension annual allowance from 6 April 2020' and 'Welcome clarification on tax for furloughed staff'.

Weekly tax brief | 31 March 2020

31 March 2020

This week's articles are 'More fiscal and creative policy needed to address coronavirus crisis', 'Will company directors be thrown a lifeline?', 'Government measures to support people and businesses may have a tax sting in the tail', 'Making Tax Digital for VAT – coronavirus forces "digital links" delay', and 'Coronavirus deals a blow to the shadow economy'.

Weekly tax brief | 24 March 2020

24 March 2020

This week's articles are 'A proposal to save the self-employed and gig-workers from financial destitution', 'Could coronavirus travel restrictions affect your tax residency?', 'What if you’re a UK resident caught in another tax jurisdiction?', 'What are the implications of travel restrictions for company taxation?', 'Self-assessment July 2020 payments deferred until January 2021', 'Coronavirus – VAT payments deferred for three months', and 'HMRC – too many consultations during the crisis?'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 March 2020

18 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Things will get hard, but support is available', 'Making the best of a bad situation – tax relief on capital losses', 'Maximise your end-of-year tax allowances', 'Bye-bye booze cruise?', and 'There is case law to stop outright profiteering from toilet rolls'.

Weekly tax brief | 10 March 2020

10 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Long-term UK tax policy should not be a casualty of the coronavirus', 'What are the tax implications of coronavirus?', 'Coronavirus - travel and leisure sector seeks VAT support'.

Weekly tax brief | 4 March 2020

04 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Drama should not replace policy in Rishi Sunak’s first Budget', 'The long goodbye? Preparing for Entrepreneurs’ Relief big exit.', 'A new dawn for employee ownership may emerge from the Budget', 'Government statement fails to calm fears of a hard Brexit for customs' and 'Tax injustice means that lower-paid employees miss out on pension top-ups'.

Weekly tax brief | 25 February 2020

25 February 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax predictions for the 2020 Budget', 'Should family offices be worried about HMRC’s new secret unit?', 'Top tips for tidying up tax affairs before the tax year end (5 April 2020)', 'HMRC invites claims for overpaid VAT (but doesn’t agree to pay them)', and 'A bluffer’s guide to the Climate Change Levy'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 February 2020

18 February 2020

This week's articles are 'Nothing lasts forever and that includes tax reliefs', 'Hard customs border adds to Brexit pain for UK importers', 'How do we put a taxable value on data?', and 'When is a married couple not a married couple?'.

Weekly tax brief | 12 February 2020

12 February 2020

This week's articles are 'Government consults on new customs tariff for post-Brexit era', 'When petrol and diesel cars are banned, what will replace fuel duty?', ''Change is coming, whether you like it or not' – Greta Thunberg', 'Time-to-pay arrangements now online' and 'Why crypto-traders might need to revisit their returns'.

Weekly tax brief | 5 February 2020

05 February 2020

This week's articles are 'Is George Osborne’s tax legacy unravelling?', 'Scrapping entrepreneurs' relief: a series of unfortunate events', 'It feels as though the new road tax on motorhomes has been driven by too much Top Gear', 'Winter sports business wins uphill struggle against the VAT man', and 'National Insurance Contribution (NIC) rates and thresholds for 2020-21 announced'.

Weekly tax brief | 28 January 2020

28 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Free hospital car parking could produce massive VAT bills for NHS trusts', 'UK businesses beware: contradictory Brexit agreements leave you at the mercy of a 'pick 'n mix' approach to legal precedent', 'National Minimum Wage comes of age', and 'What are the prospects for the EU's proposed carbon border tax?'.

Weekly tax brief | 21 January 2020

21 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Last minute can be costly for your tax return', 'Will entrepreneurs’ relief be abolished?', 'What does equal pay mean to the tax system?', and 'Are HMRC getting serious about closing the tax gap?'.

Weekly tax brief | 15 January 2020

15 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Trade agreements: will UK scrap digital services tax?', 'Scottish Government to set out draft Budget plan before the UK Budget', 'New Year, new shirts, new allowance – are retailers still scratching their heads?' and 'IR35 Off-payroll working – are you ready for the new rules?'.

Weekly tax brief | 7 January 2020

07 January 2020

This week's articles are 'Loan charge review – what should you do now?', 'Your New Year tax resolutions', 'Government review of NHS pensions – what are the options?', and 'Surprise VAT decision could offer a financial bonus for membership bodies'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 December 2019

18 December 2019

This week's articles are 'Two simple tax changes could help the government meet its climate change targets', 'Cricket club caught out by VAT penalty', 'Works of art – don't monkey around when it comes to employer perks' and 'Employment allowance changes from April 2020'.

Weekly tax brief | 4 December 2019

04 December 2019

This week's articles are 'Conservative, Labour and Lib Dems tax proposals explained', 'How finding romance can get even more taxing', 'Pensions complexity sets another trap for taxpayers', 'Deficiencies in private residence relief restrict court case', and 'Will off-payroll working rules review change forthcoming IR35 rules?'.

Weekly tax brief | 27 November 2019

27 November 2019

This week's articles are 'Does the Conservative party have a cunning plan to avoid stealth taxes?', 'Tax planning opportunities in the event of a Labour government', 'Doctors unconvinced by NHS pensions fix', and 'Scots can be forgiven for being baffled by the party manifestos'.

Weekly tax brief | 20 November 2019

20 November 2019

This week's articles are 'What should you look for in an election manifesto?', 'Is PM's corporation tax announcement economic or political?', 'Children’s clubs in the VAT spotlight… again', 'Doctors offered sticking plaster to help with pensions tax bills' and 'UK Athletics VAT error highlights lessons for other not-for-profits'.

Weekly tax brief | 13 November 2019

13 November 2019

This week's articles are 'Could this be the election where ‘non-dom’ tax status dies in a ditch?', 'Author campaigns for abolition of VAT on digital publications', 'HMRC defeated as common sense prevails for homeowners' and 'Growing clamour for IR35 reform to be postponed'.

Weekly tax brief | 6 November 2019

06 November 2019

This week's articles are 'Whichever party wins the election, taxes are set to rise', 'More retrospective legislation from HMRC' and 'HMRC’s continuing assault on the unwary'.