Is private equity misunderstood?

Many businesses across the UK have been planning their future and considering what will set them up for success. For some, that decision could be a private equity investment. But private equity has had some bad press lately – so, why should you consider a private equity investment?

In this episode, our resident host Jon Cronin is joined by a panel from RSM, Growth Capital Partners and Cloudsense to talk about all things private equity. The panel discusses what bringing on a private equity partner means for a business, what the market is currently like for both the PE firms and businesses and why communication is so essential for both parties.  

Find out more about what private equity could do for your business in this episode of The Loop. 

Charlie Jolly Charlie Jolly

Partner, Head of Private Equity Coverage

Private equity

Trading through the pandemic

We recently conducted a survey of private equity backed businesses to paint a picture of how private equity firms have supported these businesses throughout the pandemic and what the future looks like for their relationships. 

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