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The Loop – Untangling today’s business issues

RSM’s podcast gives a voice to middle market businesses and a platform to educate and entertain. Designed for the intrigued business ear, The Loop is an upbeat podcast covering a range of financial subjects, news and topical issues. 

Using our own market professionals, RSM’s podcast gives an intelligent spin and our own expertise on everything from the economic impact of the pandemic to cyber security to help your business succeed. 

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Is the future of automotive electric? | The Loop podcast

Is the future of automotive electric?

Listen to our experts discuss the changing landscape of the automotive industry, how the climate crisis is shaping how cars are produced and the impact on UK businesses.  

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Private Equity

Is private equity misunderstood?

In this episode, our panel discusses what bringing on a private equity partner means for a business, what the market is currently like for both the PE firms and businesses and why communication is so essential for both parties.

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The art of cyber security

Listen in on our experts at the front line of cyber security for their business where they discuss what to do in the wake of an attack, the importance of playbooks and why creating a culture of trust and safety is so important.  

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Cyber security
Untangling tech start ups

Demystifying data analytics 

In this episode of The Loop we are talking all things data, specifically data analytics. Jon Cronin is joined by RSM experts who help talk him through what some of the buzzwords such as big data, data mining and dashboards actually mean. 

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Restructuring a business for the future

Explore why debt restructuring could be the best option for your business' future, and what you can do to give you the best footing when going into the process.
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Restructuring a business for the future