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RSM’s podcast gives a voice to middle market businesses and a platform to educate and entertain. Designed for the intrigued business ear, The Loop is an upbeat podcast covering a range of financial subjects, news and topical issues. 

Using our own market professionals, RSM’s podcast gives an intelligent spin and our own expertise on everything from GDPR to Brexit to help your business succeed. 

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Untangling finance and innovation in manufacturing

We're in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution and data has taken centre stage as a gateway commodity for future business success. Getting the right finance solutions in place to ensure your business can grow, innovate and remain competitive in the global markets is key in any sector, but has come to the forefront as an issue for manufacturing companies in the UK.

Given recent developments in the economy and Brexit, in this episode we welcome Tim Figures, Make UK’s Director of Technology, Sustainability and Innovation as well as Mike Thornton, RSM’s Head of Manufacturing to talk through some of the issues faced by manufacturing businesses in the current economic climate. From productivity to digitisation - listen in to discover more about these challenges.

Untangling tech start-ups

The tech sector is one of the UK’s fastest growing markets. While it’s promising to see tech businesses flourishing nationwide, there are numerous challenges that face start-up and scale-up founders, including access to funding, building a network and maintaining a competitive working environment.

New founders often do not have the necessary business management experience to foresee these obstacles, which is why in this latest episode we’ve put together an expert panel to discuss the key issues facing tech firms across the UK, and to develop ideas to address these.


Untangling IR35 off-payroll working rules

IR35 is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment, but what is it all about? The UK government’s anti-avoidance tax legislation is expected to take effect next year, with confirmation that off-payroll rules first introduced to the public sector, will now be amended and extended to the private sector. Recently, in the wake of the government’s tax crackdown, a number of high-profile businesses started culling contractors, in what the press are calling the ‘IR35 Blame Game’.

It seems there is mass confusion over exactly who will be affected and how severely; and whether there will be delays in implementing it as some are calling for. For practical advice on what this means and what you need to do, tune into this podcast episode. 

Untangling the boardroom

Establishing effective corporate governance is critical for any organisation, with boardrooms increasingly in the spotlight. In this episode of The Loop we look at trust, or perhaps the lack of it, and the steps needed to earn it.

For practical advice on what Boards can do to secure a sustainable, ethical future for their organisation tune in to this podcast.

Untangling tax to tackle climate change

Climate change is a global emergency. We’ve just come out of a summer of extreme weather; UK-wide climate change protests; and significant announcements from the government committing to ambitious zero carbon targets by 2050. This all points to a need for wholesale reform of energy consumption in the UK, and across the globe. But are businesses ready to adopt a carbon neutral approach to operations; and how can tax help to deliver sustainable change? 

If you want to know more about how climate change might impact your businesses, or what more needs to change within our tax system to reach ambitious targets, then this is the episode for you.

Untangling International Business

Overseas expansion is an appealing growth pathway for many businesses. However, the associated challenges require solutions built on foresight and efficient planning. 

Have you taken into consideration what the tax implications are? What are your plans for hiring and retaining an international workforce? Do you understand the nuances of local business culture and etiquette in your target country? 

Untangling trade Beyond Brexit

Brexit is a disruptor. Whether its impacting today’s operations and decision making, or future trade or investment, Brexit is disrupting businesses today; but are you ready? Do you have an EORI number to allow you to trade beyond Brexit? Have you mapped your supply chain to mitigate risk? What will happen to interest rates in the event of a no deal Brexit? And how will macro political events and trade tariffs impact your business?

If you want to know more about how a no deal Brexit might impact your businesses, or what future trade will look like beyond Brexit, then this is the episode for you. 

Untangling workforce issues

Untangling the pressing issue of securing a future workforce in the manufacturing sector with RSM’s Mike Thornton and David Gibbens, and our host Jon Cronin. In this episode, we discuss real life workforce scenarios to deliver practical advice on how to manage workforce needs for now and in the future. 

If you want to know how to address the skills gap through retaining existing talent and attracting new skills; whilst embedding flexible working into your culture, then this is the episode for you. 

Untangling GDPR

In the first episode, we delve into the complex world of GDPR with RSM’s Sheila Pancholi and Steve Snaith, and our host Jon Cronin, where they discuss real life GDPR scenarios to deliver practical advice on how companies manage a data breach.

If you want to know how to manage a data breach, mitigate the risk of a ransomware attack or make sure your data is protected, this is the episode for you.