The Guild Wheel Walkers: hiking city to country in 21 miles

The team

The Guild Wheel Walkers team was made up of people from the Preston finance and IT departments. We wanted to do something in the local area and given that the Guild Wheel has been under threat of being built over we wanted to highlight that we have something great on our doorstep, which also happens to pass by the RSM Preston office.

The Preston Guild Wheel is a 21 mile greenway encircling Preston and linking the city to the countryside. It is both a walking and cycling route.

Built by Lancashire County Council with the support of Preston City Council and the significant input of volunteers from the Guild Wheel Users Group, the Guild Wheel has been created as a lasting legacy for the 2012 Preston Guild. The route will provide a valuable and on-going commemoration of the Guild, benefiting Preston residents and visitors alike for years to come.

The Guild Wheel route makes the most of the different landscapes that surround the city of Preston, creating a rich and varied environment for everyone to enjoy. To the south of the city, it takes you alongside the gently meandering River Ribble, past ancient woodland, historic city centre parks, the largest nineteenth century dock in Europe and Brockholes Nature Reserve by the M6. Other highlights of the route include the Ribble Link Canal and the woodland areas at Longsands.

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Navigate our way around the outskirts of Preston, following maps and signs along the way.

Team development

Work well together, take it in turns to lead the way and ensure that everyone got round.


Walk the 21 miles of the Preston Guild Wheel, starting in Avenham Park in Preston.

The Guild Wheel Route

Team members

Oliver Brett, Brett Healey, Vicki Edwards, Lisa Mills, Ann Sentance, Ann-Marie Bradshaw, Linda Bowker, Max Everest, Dawn Fraser, David ‘Doug’ Ashall, Hermina Duratovic-Field and Alison Bowyer.

The Guild Wheel Walkers

Challenge Report

On Sunday 10 July we set off, starting in Avenham park at 8am to walk the 21 mile loop of the Preston Guild Wheel.

The weather was perfect and some Krispy Kreme donuts gave us plenty of energy. By 1.30pm we had reached the office, almost 15 miles in, stopping for some lunch and to pose for a team photo. When we reached Brockholes Nature Reserve, Dawn’s family were there to cheer us on, with daughter Amelia in fine voice as we walked off.

Throughout the route we kept a Twitter feed going, recording all the mile markers as evidence.

After walking a pretty consistent 20-minute mile, we arrived back at Avenham park at 4pm with tired legs, ready for a rest and unaware that the route out of the park to the car was up a steep hill!

A few days later we were able to recover and reflect on the beautiful countryside we had seen around Preston. The team had a fantastic day and had real praise for the local area, many saying they would go for a walk or cycle ride around there again

.Team Guild Wheel Walkers

We’re also delighted to say that we’ve exceeded our fundraising target, with over £700 raised to date. Sponsor us via our Guild Wheel Walkers JustGiving page.

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