The Dukes

The team rationale

A group of music loving (but non musicians) got together to form a band with the intention of learning to play an instrument and putting on a show for the office. 

Our challenges 

Team building
The group had someone from almost every department in the office and from every grade from partner to admin support. The common denominator was love of music and a desire to perform.

Not only are we learning musical skills, we are building our confidence in performing in front of others. 

Is it possible to go from zero skills and experience to putting on a credible performance before a live audience within 6 months? Only time will tell!

Team members

Stuart McKinnon, Chrissie Boylin, Moira McKenna, Paul Dowell, Tim Richardson, Michelle Rose, Michael Lawrence, Chris Conroy. 

Challenge report

The band formed in April and we decided to record our progress via YouTube. This can be viewed here: The Dukes North East. The early postings go to show how much there was to do. We initially practiced in the office but abandoned that quite quickly due to access issues (and the noise) and took rehearsal space. 

The Dukes Lindisfarne

The game changer came when through a contact we managed to secure a slot at the Lindisfarne festival. The festival was shortlisted for the best new festival in 2015 and clearly wanting to build on that reputation the Dukes were invited to perform alongside headliners Reef and British Sea Power!

The festival took place over the weekend of 2-4 September which effectively took a full month from our rehearsal schedule. We worked hard and managed to put together a credible set of seven songs and were warmly received by the small but enthusiastic crowd of drunks, punks and other hangers on.  What a great weekend!  See our pictures here.

Lindisfarne set list:

Sharp Dressed Man Breaking the Law
Rebel Rebel
7 Nation Army