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Weekly tax brief | 13 April 2021
George Bull

13 April 2021

This week's articles include 'Supreme Court protects care home operator from painful VAT bill', 'Digital ID measures could block the gateway for 30-day CGT reporting', 'Will the shadow economy be a victim of Coronavirus?' and 'Covid working from home tax relief needs to be claimed again'.

Weekly tax brief | 7 April 2021
George Bull

07 April 2021

This week's articles are 'A pause in tax hostilities between the USA and the UK?', 'Hidden cost of Covid-19 for some of the hardest hit sectors', 'Carbon Border Tax – protectionism or protecting the world?' and 'Another source of funds for business?'.

Weekly tax brief - Tax day special | 23 March 2021
George Bull

23 March 2021

In today's tax brief special, articles include 'Tax Day – more about policy-making than policy', 'Should the cladding tax rules go further?', and 'Individuals and small companies to face earlier tax payment dates in future?'

Weekly tax brief | 22 March 2021
George Bull

22 March 2021

This week's articles include 'How Bitcoin fraudsters could leave you high and dry with HMRC', 'Does HMRC consider you to be sufficiently ‘credible’ to receive your tax repayment?', 'Year-end actions can save tax, but don’t overlook the other financial consequences', 'Big setback for charities as European court decides Wellcome Trust must charge itself VAT' and 'After the problems of 2020 it may pay to prepare your 2020/21 tax return early'.

Weekly tax brief | 16 March 2021
George Bull

16 March 2021

This week's articles are 'HMRC, a keen follower of social media influencers', 'Tax policy must play its part in delivering net-zero by 2050', 'Honours and checking candidates’ tax probity' and 'The hidden, and not so hidden, costs of Brexit'.

Weekly tax brief | 9 March 2021
George Bull

09 March 2021

This week's articles include '25 per cent corporation tax makes personal service companies less attractive', 'New penalty regime for VAT returns in 2022 – good news or bad?', 'Can HMRC build back better after the pandemic?', 'HMRC set to strengthen civil information powers', 'HMRC’s investment in fighting fraud and error' and 'And finally… the super-deduction: why 130 per cent?'

Weekly tax brief | 1 March 2021
George Bull

01 March 2021

This week's articles are 'Tax after coronavirus' and 'HMRC needs to protect honest taxpayers, as well as catch dishonest ones.'

Weekly tax brief | 23 February 2021
George Bull

23 February 2021

This week's articles are 'Budget Day announcements to be followed by Tax Day on 23 March', 'Uber difficult: is a statutory employment test increasingly likely?', 'Furnished holiday lettings and capital allowances – the perfect combination?', 'Uber – where does this leave us for VAT?', 'HMRC – deep pockets, short arms?' and 'Construction Industry VAT: assessing the working capital impact of the domestic reverse charge.'

Weekly tax brief | 16 February 2021
George Bull

16 February 2021

This week's articles are 'Capital taxes in the UK: what does the Government want to achieve?', 'HMRC prepares to launch new payment scheme to pay back VAT deferred because of Coronavirus', 'Can the tax system support the reinvention of our retail spaces?', 'Time to rethink the High-Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC)' and 'Proposed tax reforms could have significant impact on rural landlords and land letting.'

Weekly tax brief | 9 February 2021
George Bull

09 February 2021

This week's articles are 'VAT rubs salt in the Grenfell Tower cladding wound for private leaseholders', 'GPs to receive tax refunds and pension boost which could see them retire early', 'Tax reform: how much and what?', 'Hidden tax traps for younger generation jumping into the investment property market' and 'OECD clarifies impact of the continuing coronavirus travel restrictions on taxpayers'.