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Weekly tax brief | 27 July 2021
George Bull

27 July 2021

This week's articles include 'The cost of a social care levy on the over-40s', 'Could your long-standing EU-based VAT strategy be overturned by the UK courts?', 'A Brave New World: will HMRC soon do your tax return for you?', 'HMRC has confirmed the normal minimum pension age will rise from 6 April 2028' and 'Family investment companies survive HMRC’s firing line'.

Weekly tax brief | 20 July 2021
George Bull

20 July 2021

This week's articles are 'Tax rift between the PM and his Chancellor?', 'Draft legislation published for Finance Bill 2021-22', 'Haworth decision has supreme consequences for HMRC', 'Chinese restaurant makes HMRC eat humble pie in tax case win', 'The prospect of increases in taxes on growing personal wealth' and 'Is your tax payment really necessary?'.

Weekly tax brief | 13 July 2021
George Bull

13 July 2021

This week's articles are 'Art and money laundering: why you may now need your passport to buy art', 'Is patent box coming home?', 'VAT, e-commerce and the EU’s Import One Stop Shop' and 'Finance Bill 2022 – already?'.

Weekly tax brief | 6 July 2021
George Bull

06 July 2021

This week articles are 'Will ‘the right companies pay the right taxes in the right places’?', 'Coronavirus travellers face SDLT surprise', 'Your friendly neighbourhood taxman?', 'HMRC defeated by taxpayer in child benefit case' and 'Don’t get ripped off, check what a ‘deed of assignment’ for a tax repayment covers'.

Weekly tax brief | 29 June 2021
George Bull

29 June 2021

This week's articles are 'Sin taxes on Sunday roasts?', 'Act now on Covid support errors: HMRC steps up compliance activity', 'Tax return pain awaits crypto investors', 'Why the young should have Powers of Attorney', and 'Seller beware: the VAT flaw that may lurk in your delivery app'.

Weekly tax brief | 22 June 2021
George Bull

22 June 2021

This week's articles include 'Austerity or uncertainty – UK business taxation without a roadmap', 'The magic money tree: a wealth tax on billionaires', 'Could a remote working exodus cost the UK £32.5 billion in tax?', 'Will compensation payments for poor pension transfer advice be taxed?' and 'Should ‘Finfluencers’ face fines for shoddy tax advice?'

Weekly tax brief | 16 June 2021
George Bull

16 June 2021

This week's articles are 'Will the enforcement body for employment rights be a paper tiger for years to come?', 'New VAT trap for exports to private customers', 'A wealth tax for Scotland?', 'Divorcing couples should seek advice to avoid a nasty tax shock', and 'Is it time to move out of the Jane Austen era and change the UK’s tax year?'.

Weekly tax brief | 8 June 2021
George Bull

08 June 2021

This week's articles include 'G7 tax agreement was driven by mutual need. What happens next?', 'Will the consultation on R&D tax incentives go far enough?', 'Will a residential property developer tax achieve its goal?', 'HMRC to endorse tax avoidance schemes?' and 'Is the UK sacrificing global trade relations in the pursuit of net zero?'

Weekly tax brief | 2 June 2021
George Bull

02 June 2021

This week's articles include 'HMRC misfires on electric car VAT rules', 'Tackling corporate crime remains firmly on HMRC's agenda', 'HMRC external research programme: what’s on the list and what’s not', 'Are R&D tax incentives working?' and 'Justice must be seen to be done in high income child benefit charge case'.

Weekly tax brief | 25 May 2021
George Bull

25 May 2021

This week's articles are 'CGT reform: do you want the good news or the bad?', 'Is a capital gains tax trap waiting for you in your own back garden?', '30-day CGT returns: a third of sellers make late returns. Is the deadline too short?', and 'Taxpayer fights HMRC tooth and nail in Supreme Court battle'.