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Weekly tax brief | 28 April 2020
George Bull

28 April 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax reform can help meet the needs of post-coronavirus UK', 'The hidden SDLT cost of coronavirus', 'Coronavirus: make sure your good deed goes unpunished', 'Changing your accounting date can save tax', 'Should you defer July payments on account? ', and 'HMRC’s policy on agreement of trading losses during coronavirus crisis needs clarity'.

Weekly tax brief | 21 April 2020
George Bull

21 April 2020

This week's articles are '£128 billion coronavirus hit for this year’s tax receipts', 'Is HMRC’s software able to keep up with changing tax legislation?', 'Tribunal support for leisure businesses on overpaid VAT could open claims for £1.5bn', 'COVID-19 tax deferrals will not be offset against R&D credits', 'RSM agrees new VAT relief with HMRC to cover fire authorities and NHS fighting Covid-19' and 'The tax-free nature of gambling proceeds'.

Weekly tax brief | 15 April 2020
George Bull

15 April 2020

This week's articles are 'Coronavirus boost to digital services tax could help pay for PPE', 'Employers with no PAYE online account may suffer delayed payment of vital furlough grant', 'What happens if the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is not extended beyond 31 May?', 'Charities and government COVID support: what is the tax and VAT position?', 'COVID-19 – deferment extension to duty and import VAT payments', 'Import VAT and duty freeze on medical supplies and emergency export controls on PPE' and 'In National Pet Month, who would have thought the VAT rules around food for our beloved pets could be so complicated?'.

Weekly tax brief | 8 April 2020
George Bull

08 April 2020

This week's articles are 'How can the Chancellor limit tax increases after lockdown ends?', 'We are all Homeworkers now', 'Opportunity to enshrine carbon targets in any airline bailout package', 'Some welcome support for executors', 'Plunging asset prices – should grandchildren be cheering?', 'Don’t be caught out by the changes in pension annual allowance from 6 April 2020' and 'Welcome clarification on tax for furloughed staff'.

Weekly tax brief | 31 March 2020
George Bull

31 March 2020

This week's articles are 'More fiscal and creative policy needed to address coronavirus crisis', 'Will company directors be thrown a lifeline?', 'Government measures to support people and businesses may have a tax sting in the tail', 'Making Tax Digital for VAT – coronavirus forces "digital links" delay', and 'Coronavirus deals a blow to the shadow economy'.

Weekly tax brief | 24 March 2020
George Bull

24 March 2020

This week's articles are 'A proposal to save the self-employed and gig-workers from financial destitution', 'Could coronavirus travel restrictions affect your tax residency?', 'What if you’re a UK resident caught in another tax jurisdiction?', 'What are the implications of travel restrictions for company taxation?', 'Self-assessment July 2020 payments deferred until January 2021', 'Coronavirus – VAT payments deferred for three months', and 'HMRC – too many consultations during the crisis?'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 March 2020
George Bull

18 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Things will get hard, but support is available', 'Making the best of a bad situation – tax relief on capital losses', 'Maximise your end-of-year tax allowances', 'Bye-bye booze cruise?', and 'There is case law to stop outright profiteering from toilet rolls'.

Budget 2020
George Bull

11 March 2020

With Britain’s departure from the EU and the global outbreak of COVID-19, the announcements made in this year’s Budget are set out the government’s plan to shape the UK economy and its emergency response to the global pandemic.

Weekly tax brief | 10 March 2020
George Bull

10 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Long-term UK tax policy should not be a casualty of the coronavirus', 'What are the tax implications of coronavirus?', 'Coronavirus - travel and leisure sector seeks VAT support'.

Weekly tax brief | 4 March 2020
George Bull

04 March 2020

This week's articles are 'Drama should not replace policy in Rishi Sunak’s first Budget', 'The long goodbye? Preparing for Entrepreneurs’ Relief big exit.', 'A new dawn for employee ownership may emerge from the Budget', 'Government statement fails to calm fears of a hard Brexit for customs' and 'Tax injustice means that lower-paid employees miss out on pension top-ups'.