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Weekly tax brief | 8 September 2020
George Bull

08 September 2020

This week's articles are 'Grants to complete customs declarations after Brexit: will you be ready in time?', 'The CJRS corrections clock is ticking', 'Will the UK Government’s new tax on plastic packaging make a difference?', 'Northern Ireland: Government denies it is about to renege on its customs agreement with the EU' and 'When is a tax adviser not a tax adviser?'

Weekly tax brief | 2 September 2020
George Bull

02 September 2020

This week's articles are 'New £15 billion VAT refund scheme for NHS and central government could impact net funding and supporting businesses', 'Why are US figures used in the algorithm which calculates the UK tax gap?', and 'Will employers terminate their gig economy workforce first with no redundancy pay?'.

Weekly tax brief | 25 August 2020
George Bull

25 August 2020

This week's articles are 'R&D tax relief reforms risk stifling innovation in small firms', 'Who pays the tax bill anyway? Well-intended tax schemes often penalise consumers', 'Free money! Children’s Trust Funds begin to mature', and 'HMRC is back and focusing on people with offshore investments'.

Weekly tax brief | 18 August 2020
George Bull

18 August 2020

This week's articles are 'Is HMRC short-sighted in restoring Crown preference at a time when many SMEs and their lenders are already struggling?', 'Could employees committing furlough fraud top six million?', 'How to turn the SDLT holiday into a permanent income tax break', 'Action required by 29 August to benefit from VAT rate cut' and 'Last chance to make a SEISS claim'.

Weekly tax brief | 12 August 2020
George Bull

12 August 2020

This week's articles are ’Upper Tribunal confirms £1m VAT bill for essay-writing provider’, ‘Bitter fruit: will claiming a loan charge refund give HMRC a bigger bite of the tax cherry?’, ‘SDLT cuts in a pandemic: what’s happening?’ and ‘As more people set up home offices, what is the impact on their capital gains tax?’.

Weekly tax brief | 4 August 2020
George Bull

04 August 2020

This week's articles are 'Is the NHS facing a big tax bill for keeping us safe and well?', 'UK employees working overseas could fall into a tangled tax web', 'More needs to be done to regulate R&D tax credit to weed out poor advisers', 'The UK is a leading player in global video games production, but tax relief is complicated and slow' and 'VAT relief on charity advertising arrives in the digital age'.

Weekly tax brief | 28 July 2020
George Bull

28 July 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax changes alone won’t save the UK high street', 'Beyond Brexit: Government reveals its 2025 UK border strategy', 'Chasing the silver pound – countries compete to encourage pensioners to relocate', 'A new Carbon Emissions Tax would not provide a united front in the fight against climate change' and 'Making Tax Digital for income tax should heed the lessons from MTD for VAT'.

Weekly tax brief | 21 July 2020
George Bull

21 July 2020

This week's artlcles are 'Entrepreneurs Relief: version 2.0', 'Tribunal supports reduced rate of VAT for the hire of child car seats', 'How many consultations does it take to reform the UK tax system?' and 'The rural community must speak up'.

Weekly tax brief | 14 July 2020
George Bull

14 July 2020

This week's artlcles are 'Online quiz launches reform of capital gains tax', 'A wealth tax is likely but how might that look and work?', 'Make no mistake – HMRC is serious about enforcement' and 'Low-tax Freeports in the UK: what’s all the fuss about?'

Weekly tax brief | 8 July 2020
George Bull

08 July 2020

This week's articles are 'Tax thoughts on the Chancellor’s Summer Statement', 'Residential property: capital gains tax deadline tightens again', 'Coronavirus grant income is taxable and, for some, this tax will be due sooner than they think', 'HMRC hints at plans for an electronic border with the EU' and 'R&D roadmap spells progress but now Government and business must engage'.