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Weekly tax brief | 12 January 2021
George Bull

12 January 2021

This week's articles are 'Will Budget tax increases become Covid-19 casualties?', 'Falling service levels: does the taxman need a 31 January tax return deadline extension as much as the taxpayer?', 'Can effective use of tax losses help small businesses?', 'HMRC issues record money-laundering fine' and 'Tribunal decision threatens further education colleges’ VAT status'.

Weekly tax brief | 5 January 2021
George Bull

05 January 2021

This week's articles are '‘Tax and fairness: the debate has changed', 'Will U-turn over cross-border tax reporting provide the UK with a Brexit dividend?', 'Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday should be phased out gradually', 'No amnesty from HMRC on 31 January tax return deadline', 'Brexit deal revealed, but what does the future have in store?' and 'Preparing your 2019/20 tax return? Don’t forget the loan charge!'.

Weekly tax brief | 22 December 2020
George Bull

22 December 2020

This week's articles are '‘Tis the season to be gifting into trusts ', 'What does the logjam in the Channel tell us about a food carbon tax?', 'Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS): Are underclaims just as fatal to grant claims as overclaims?', 'Is more data for HMRC more of a problem?' and 'Help people handle their own tax affairs'.

Weekly tax brief | 15 December 2020
George Bull

15 December 2020

This week's articles are 'Feeling threatened by HMRC’s reminders about self-assessment tax returns? Don’t be!', 'What can you be doing this Christmas to get your tax return in on time?', 'Having problems calculating your 31 January tax bill after the turmoil of 2020?' and 'How can I reduce my 31 January 2021 tax payment?'

Weekly tax brief | 8 December 2020
George Bull

08 December 2020

This week's articles are 'OECD in head-to-head VAT clash with UK charity body', 'Charity Tax Group reports the UK charity tax gap is £2 billion a year', and 'What are different countries doing to attract the rich?'.

Weekly tax brief | 1 December 2020
George Bull

01 December 2020

This week's articles are 'Are thousands of trustees about to incur HMRC penalties due to deficient HMRC systems?', 'HMRC calls upon allies in the fight against tax avoidance', 'Why does HMRC send so many nudge letters? Why not go after the real tax criminals?', 'What is a reasonable excuse? HMRC tries to explain a spreadsheet error', 'Lockdown divorcees could pay a high tax price', and 'HMRC scores own goal in football pitch VAT debate'.

Weekly tax brief | 23 November 2020
George Bull

23 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Taxspotter’s guide to the Chancellor’s spending review', 'Eat Out to Help Out is leaving a sour taste in HMRC’s mouth', 'Scottish Budget 2021', 'Capital gains tax – action may be needed now', and 'Christmas parties: some good tax news!'.

Latest HMRC tax receipts and NI Contributions show shocking drop of £70bn
George Bull

20 November 2020

George Bull, Tax Consultant, RSM, comments on the latest HMRC Tax Receipts & National Insurance Contributions published today.

Weekly tax brief | 17 November 2020
George Bull

17 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Could HMRC red tape tie up vaccine trials?', 'Home sweet tax-exempt home – but how long do you have to live there?', 'Don’t ignore the true impact of the automatic filing deadline extension for accounts', 'HMRC targets multinational companies in transfer-pricing crackdown', 'Is this the end of employee share schemes?', 'When is a holiday lettings business not a business? Tax case shows that Parliament must resolve inconsistency'.

Weekly tax brief |10 November 2020
George Bull

10 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Brexit: the Top 5 customs disasters awaiting cross-border traders in 2021', 'Controllers of companies to be educated by HMRC', 'Tax collection costs increase. Do we need a happier HMRC?' and 'Could new lockdowns mean unexpected tax bills for internationally mobile employees? '