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Weekly tax brief | 23 November 2020
George Bull

23 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Taxspotter’s guide to the Chancellor’s spending review', 'Eat Out to Help Out is leaving a sour taste in HMRC’s mouth', 'Scottish Budget 2021', 'Capital gains tax – action may be needed now', and 'Christmas parties: some good tax news!'.

Latest HMRC tax receipts and NI Contributions show shocking drop of £70bn
George Bull

20 November 2020

George Bull, Tax Consultant, RSM, comments on the latest HMRC Tax Receipts & National Insurance Contributions published today.

Weekly tax brief | 17 November 2020
George Bull

17 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Could HMRC red tape tie up vaccine trials?', 'Home sweet tax-exempt home – but how long do you have to live there?', 'Don’t ignore the true impact of the automatic filing deadline extension for accounts', 'HMRC targets multinational companies in transfer-pricing crackdown', 'Is this the end of employee share schemes?', 'When is a holiday lettings business not a business? Tax case shows that Parliament must resolve inconsistency'.

Weekly tax brief |10 November 2020
George Bull

10 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Brexit: the Top 5 customs disasters awaiting cross-border traders in 2021', 'Controllers of companies to be educated by HMRC', 'Tax collection costs increase. Do we need a happier HMRC?' and 'Could new lockdowns mean unexpected tax bills for internationally mobile employees? '

Weekly tax brief | 3 November 2020
George Bull

03 November 2020

This week's articles are 'Loan charge refunds – what’s so special about the Budget 2020 date?', 'Brexit: will you need a bank guarantee to defer customs charges in 2021?', 'Is HMRC set for a lockdown penalty windfall?' and 'Is this the right time for HMRC to issue nudge letters?'

Weekly tax brief | 27 October 2020
George Bull

27 October 2020

This week's articles are 'Increasing risk of personal liability for directors of distressed companies', 'Tribunal blindsides HMRC in housebuilder VAT dispute', 'Simplifying tax claims, helping the taxpayer' and 'And finally … more nudges from HMRC'.

Weekly tax brief | 13 October 2020
George Bull

13 October 2020

This week's articles are 'The loan charge settlement saga continues', 'Government seeks views of producers and retailers on plans to reform alcohol duty', 'More needs to be done to help creatives', 'Including data and cloud costs would incentivise businesses to undertake more R&D', 'Yet another set of residency rules: SDLT surcharge for non-residents' and 'Could a hard Brexit see the introduction of a higher rate of VAT on luxury goods?'

Weekly tax brief | 6 October 2020
George Bull

06 October 2020

This week's articles are 'Employers using the CJRS at risk of underpaying holiday, notice and redundancy pay', 'HMRC to launch two new targeted nudge letter campaigns', 'Airbnb to provide information on renters’ income to HMRC', 'Thinking of moving to Scotland?' and 'Are aphrodisiacs ‘food’ for tax purposes?'.

Weekly tax brief | 29 September 2020
George Bull

29 September 2020

This week’s articles are ‘Is 30-day CGT reporting being missed by conveyancers?’, ‘Can public engagement with taxation help determine post-coronavirus tax policy?’, ‘Budgeting is never easy…’, ‘Businesses must take corporate tax crime more seriously, or risk criminal conviction and an unlimited fine’ and ‘More time to pay some taxes under latest Covid-19 Government measures.’

Weekly tax brief | 22 September 2020
George Bull

22 September 2020

This week’s articles are ‘Deferring CJRS payments with TTP: this time it’s personal (liability)’, ‘National Minimum Wage - rate freezes a possibility but enforcement still a priority’, ‘New VAT risk to property developers and local authorities’, ‘HMRC slips up in skating rink VAT appeal’ and ‘30 September is the deadline for reporting and paying the loan charge.’