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Weekly tax brief | 22 October 2019
George Bull

22 October 2019

This week's articles are 'OECD proposals will shift taxable profits away from tax havens and back to customer countries', 'VAT, customs duty and trade in a no-deal Brexit', 'The Withdrawal Agreement; what do we know?', 'Is HMRC making key life events unnecessarily hard for taxpayers?', and 'HS2 and the tax treatment for compulsory acquisitions'.

Weekly tax brief | 16 October 2019
George Bull

16 October 2019

This week's articles are 'Budget 2019: will the Chancellor heed vital tax lessons from the financial crisis?', 'Pensions: what more can be done to help employees?', 'Will the Chancellor stage a Budget-day raid on Entrepreneurs’ Relief?' and 'How has HMRC’s Connect system increased high-income child benefit charge enquiries?'.

Weekly tax brief | 9 October 2019
George Bull

09 October 2019

This week's articles are 'Brexit delays VAT simplification', 'Will more employers start putting contractors on the payroll?', and 'Could inheritance tax really be abolished?'.

Weekly tax brief | 2 October 2019
George Bull

02 October 2019

This week's articles are 'Land and property stamp tax receipts suffer biggest fall since credit crunch' and 'Charities come within Making Tax Digital for VAT'

Weekly tax brief | 24 September 2019
George Bull

24 September 2019

This week's articles are 'Why is the UK government not using the tax system to tackle the climate emergency?', 'Property tax changes – a guide through the maze', 'Don’t abolish the non-dom system ̶ embrace it instead', 'IR35 and deemed employment hitting the headlines again', 'Will Parliament run out of time to pass the off-payroll/IR35 legislation?'.

Property tax changes - a guide through the maze
George Bull

24 September 2019

All things are relative and there was a time when the property tax rules in Great Britain, as they applied to individuals, were relatively straightforward. Since April 2013, each new tax year has brought with it at least one change to those tax rules. By the time we reach April 2020, this part of the British tax system will have changed out of all recognition.

RSM welcomes interim independent review of legal services regulation
George Bull

24 September 2019

RSM has welcomed the publication of the interim Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation and urged members of the legal profession to share their views on the proposed reforms.

Weekly tax brief | 17 September 2019
George Bull

17 September 2019

This week's articles are 'Businesses using the VAT Mini One Stop Shop must switch schemes ahead of Brexit', 'Will tax avoiders be hit with a bigger stick?' and 'The impact of removing tax breaks for independent schools'.

Loan charge to remain in force pending the outcome of the Government's review
George Bull

11 September 2019

George Bull, senior tax partner at RSM, comments on the publication of the Terms of Reference for the Treasury's review into the loan charge.

Weekly Tax Brief | 10 September 2019
George Bull

10 September 2019

This week's articles are 'Will the Conservatives steal Labour’s (tax) clothes?', 'A victory for common sense – HMRC delays construction industry VAT changes', and 'HMRC latest U-turn could reduce VAT bill for travel and leisure operators'.