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Weekly tax brief | 26 June 2019

26 June 2019

This week's articles are 'Flaws in Labour and Conservative tax proposals betray muddled thinking', 'Why are the calls for a wealth tax growing in the US?', 'Everything you wanted to know about GATT 24 but were afraid to ask', 'Tax policies of our next PM and the impact on Scotland', and 'Unintended consequences: off-payroll and pension provision'.

HMRC needs more resources to stem flow of tax lost through illegal activities
George Bull

20 June 2019

The UK tax gap – the difference between the tax that should be paid and the tax that has been paid – rose for the second consecutive year in 2017-18 and is now estimated to be £35bn. This is equivalent to 5.6 per cent of total theoretical tax liabilities.

Weekly tax brief | 19 June 2019

19 June 2019

This week's articles are 'Land for the many and higher taxes too', 'HMRC increases energy in tackling VAT fraud', and 'New inheritance tax toolkit not equipped for the job'.

Weekly tax brief | 12 June 2019

12 June 2019

This week's articles are 'Grand designs on your tax bill', 'Employment status clarity needed before IR35 reforms hit the private sector', 'Can we reach a global digital tax consensus?', and 'Reverse charge changes due to hit construction industry'.

Weekly tax brief | 4 June 2019

04 June 2019

This week's articles are 'Where do the Conservative leadership hopefuls stand on tax?', and 'How do you fill a £1bn hole in Scotland's finances? '.

Weekly tax brief | 31 May 2019

31 May 2019

The week's articles are 'Just how progressive is the UK tax system?', and 'New approach to crack down on VAT fraud'.

Weekly tax brief | 22 May 2019

22 May 2019

This week's articles are 'Who makes gifts & does IHT really matter?', 'Mystery benefactor sought to pay off student loans (but don't forget the tax!)', 'Could tax reform save the high street?', and 'When does the supply of fuel equate to a financial service?'.

Weekly tax brief | 14 May 2019

14 May 2019

This week's articles are 'Will a carbon-added tax help save the world?' and 'Fewer landlords, but do we have fewer rented properties?'

Weekly tax brief | 9 May 2019

09 May 2019

This week's articles are 'What does the climate emergency mean for our taxes?', 'Making tax digital pilot extended to landlords', 'Wealthy want to pay right amount of tax, HMRC survey finds', and 'HMRC bank accounts get fat as employees get fit'.

Spring Statement 2019: The 'end of the tax return' still some way off warns RSM
George Bull

13 March 2019

George Bull, senior tax partner, responds to today’s Spring Statement.