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Partnerships and partners during coronavirus

20 June 2020

Partnerships and LLPs should consider the particular tax saving and cash flow benefits available to them during the coronavirus pandemic to protect and manage their businesses.

Should you defer July payments on account?

28 April 2020

To pay or not to pay – that is the question!

Budget 2020: Pensions tax overview

11 March 2020

The big news from a pensions perspective in the 2020 Budget announcement was the increase in the income thresholds above which the tapered annual allowance applies for high earners wishing to make pension contributions.

2019/20 year-end tax planning considerations

26 February 2020

Taking simple and effective actions now could result in significant reductions to your 2019/20 and future personal tax liabilities. The next Budget is on 11 March 2020; although the Conservative manifesto ruled out increases to income tax, VAT or national insurance, could tax increases be made in disguise?

Loan charge review – what should you do now?

07 January 2020

Just before Christmas, HMRC announced a package of relaxations and other changes to the loan charge. This came as a welcome gift to people worried about the tax bills they face. Our eager experts have ripped off the wrapping paper to work out what the changes mean and how they will work in practice.

Are you a South African working in the United Kingdom?
Mark Waddilove

31 July 2019

There are new ‘expat tax’ rules which are due to come into force in South Africa next year which could result in South Africans , that are working outside of South Africa, but intending to return home, being exposed to tax in South Africa.

Why The Beatles' legacy lives on… in tax

30 January 2019

While at one time it may have been socially acceptable to be seen to be diddling the taxman, paying high rates of tax is now seen as a badge of honour with the top taxpayers being feted for their contributions to the Exchequer.

Can retrospective taxation ever be justified?

05 October 2018

In an ever-changing tax landscape, some may think that the goal posts move frequently. Despite all these changes taxpayers and businesses adapt and apply the current taxation rates in each year. But what about retrospective taxation, and can this ever be justified?

Could an increase in stamp duty for non-UK residents work in practice?

03 October 2018

There’s a world of difference between a headline-grabbing announcement and a workable piece of tax law. We look at the issues which have to be addressed if the proposal is to stand any chance of working.

Different VAT rates for online and physical retailers

30 August 2018

A report this week from one of the UK's largest property consultancies suggests creating a two-tier VAT system for online and physical retailers in order to halt the decline of the UK high street. But just how feasible would this be?