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National minimum wage is changing - watch out for the pitfalls

27 September 2016

Employers need to be on the ball and make sure changes to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates, effective from 1 October, are implemented on time.

Levelling the playing field

16 August 2016

The government looks set to level the playing field of salary sacrifice, but is this the best approach for a modern workforce? And will it impact the future recruitment of talent?

Does simplification have to mean bigger tax bills?

16 August 2016

Simplifying the complex tax and National Insurance treatment of termination payments will be a welcome move, but does it come at the cost of bigger tax bills?

On top of your reporting requirements? Don't miss the 6 July deadline

22 June 2016

Share schemes provide a real incentive for staff to perform and contribute to the future growth of the business as they have a vested interest in its success. But with only two weeks until the online return deadline, are businesses on top of their reporting requirements?

Another confusing simplification!

17 May 2016

With the introduction of the Personal Savings Allowance taxpayers could be forgiven for assuming that interest on their bank accounts would in future be tax-free. Sadly that may not always be the case.

Options when planning for retirement: pensions, ISAs or LISAs?

15 April 2016

The introduction of the lifetime ISA (LISA) from April 2017 gives the under 40s more options when planning for retirement.

Pensions, ISAs or LISAs?

23 March 2016

The introduction of the new lifetime ISA in the Budget means people now have a number of options when planning for retirement. So what’s best a pension, an ISA or LISA? The choice isn’t going to be an easy one that’s for sure! We provide a handy comparison table.

Cracking the 2016/17 PAYE codes is a job for Bletchley Park

02 March 2016

Many company owners and directors could soon find themselves with a new tax code as a result of the introduction of the new dividend tax. So is this the latest wheeze by HMRC to collect more tax upfront? You bet it is. We explain what you can do about it.

Could 'PISA' be the answer to the pensions problem?

24 February 2016

There have been many changes to pensions over the last few years, and the bad news is that there’s even more to come. So could the PISA be the answer to all our problems?