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Risk and governance

02 June 2020

The coronavirus has highlighted the importance of preparing your business for an emergency. Find out what we’ve learned from the pandemic about governance, and how to manage risk and fraud.

How to feel confident you're complying with the furlough scheme

22 April 2020

The furlough scheme is designed as a relief for organisations, but it does bring some business risks. Make sure you stay on top of compliance and manage the potential risks to your business. Read more here.

Beware electronic infection: cybercriminals maximising on coronavirus

12 March 2020

Cybercriminals appear to be taking the opportunity to manipulate and scam people during this time of coronavirus uncertainty. Businesses must remain vigilant and take the appropriate steps to defend their businesses and staff.

Progress too slow to manage whistleblowing within middle market businesses, says RSM
Richard Smith

13 November 2019

Research by leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM reveals that a quarter of middle market firms don’t have a formal process in place to handle whistleblowing. This compares to 33 per cent surveyed over two years ago, highlighting a rate of progress that RSM believes is too slow.

Governance ticking timebomb at Board level, survey reveals
Richard Smith

09 October 2019

An overwhelming 96 per cent of company Board members expect to see an increase in the number of criminal prosecutions of those senior executives and organisations implicated for poor risk management, yet only 21 per cent think corporate governance is critical to achieving success.

Securing your future: leading through sustainable governance

08 October 2019

Establishing an effective and sustainable approach to corporate governance is critical for any organisation. Stakeholders, including staff need to look to the Boards and senior leadership to set the tone and examples of acceptable behaviour. We look to outline best practice and tips for any organisation to move towards a more sustainable and ethical future.

Managing international funding and development aid risk
Richard Smith

Managing risk is a critical pillar of any multinational operation, and for international charities and NGOs, recent scandals have left the sector exposed to heightened scrutiny. With public trust at an all time low, it is critical for organisations to get this right.

Is the consumer sector thinking beyond the balance sheet?

15 June 2018

The complexities of the consumer sector are constantly changing against a challenging market backdrop. It is now more important than ever for boards to consider a wider risk universe. Read more here about how the sector should be responding.

The consumer sector is now thinking beyond the balance sheet – what is your business doing about it?

15 June 2018

Our most recent research with YouGov showed that 55 per cent of consumer organisations viewed compliance with non-financial reporting requirements as an excessive or demanding pull on resources.

81 per cent of middle market businesses vulnerable to money laundering and bribery
Richard Smith

20 April 2018

81 per cent of middle market firms consider themselves at risk of falling foul of anti-money laundering and anti-bribery legislation according to the latest YouGov survey, commissioned by leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM.