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What is a board assurance framework?

25 August 2016

We explain the purpose of board assurance and answer your core questions. Does your board understand and implement a risk management strategy?

Key appointment at RSM strengthens consulting practice
Matthew Humphrey

09 August 2016

Audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has appointed Mark Wood as an associate director in the consulting practice.

How are you preparing to access £300m of ESIF funding?
Matthew Humphrey

24 May 2016

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has finally started releasing its ESIF funding with around £300m being made available over the next two months. Find out how RSM can help your organisation with securing some of these funds.

Board assurance: a toolkit for health sector organisations
Matthew Humphrey

16 May 2016

Assurance is a fundamental element of good governance. The provision of healthcare involves risk and being assured is a major factor in successfully controlling risk.

How well do you balance opportunity and risk?

07 January 2016

By daring to seize opportunity and gamble on an outcome, you potentially secure greater value than the organisation that fears to take any risk at all.

Pinning down social impact
Matthew Humphrey

22 July 2015

RSM, along with Local Government Chronicle hosted a round table event to ‘pin down’ social impact.

Charities SORP - Boredom in the Boardroom - Is your Board sighted on the right risks?
Matthew Humphrey

02 July 2015

If you want to get more value from your Governors meetings or improve existing risk management, it’s advisable to review your strategic risks.

Specialist software

Use the Insight4GRC product suite to manage your governance, risk and compliance issues.

Matthew Humphrey


Matthew has over 25 years advisory and consulting experience across a wide range of organisations including those in the corporate and not for profit sector.

Are you looking at the right risks?

Whether you are driven by the desire to obtain more value from your Governors meetings or improve your existing risk management then you should make sure you undertake a review of your strategic risks.