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GRC software
Matthew Humphrey

25 August 2021

Insight4GRC™ is a leading GRC software suite that enables management teams to demonstrate good governance, risk management visibility and compliance.

Matthew Humphrey

13 August 2021

4policies™ is a policy management software to test your employees understanding of your policies and procedures – and record their acceptance. Request a demo.

Matthew Humphrey

10 August 2021

4action™ is a powerful action tracking software that ensures actions and tasks assigned to employees are tracked and their progress monitored. Request a demo today.

Matthew Humphrey

05 August 2021

4risk™ is a leading risk management software tool providing a complete picture of your organisation’s risk, controls and assurance environment. Request a demo today.

Matthew Humphrey


Matthew is a partner at RSM.

IR35 and Insight4GRC
Susan Ball

20 March 2020

In response to the Government’s extension to off payroll arrangements, we have used Insight4GRC to create a cost effective, easy to use technology solution.

Why is stakeholder mapping critical to corporate governance?
Matthew Humphrey

08 October 2019

Stakeholder mapping is crucial to your business success, allowing you to asses how their behaviour can impact business and to ensure accurate messaging. Use this article to gain a greater understanding of the importance of this tool.

Do organisations need a Board Assurance Framework – and what is it?
Matthew Humphrey

08 October 2019

The first question likely to be asked if thing don’t go to plan is 'what went wrong?'. Boards need to be confident and assured that the organisations they have responsibility for are running as they should be. Having a board assurance framework in place acts as a key mechanism for assessing resilience – find out more here.

What is business resilience and how does corporate governance play a critical role?
Matthew Humphrey

08 October 2019

Organisations need to be robust in today's market. This isn't limited to just having financial resources but to building succession plans, horizon scanning for potential market developments and being prepared for shocks in the market. Read more here to find out how business resilience is key to effective corporate governance.

RSM cloud services now available on Government digital marketplace
Chris Knowles

19 July 2019

RSM has been successful in securing the listing of 13 of its services on the Crown Commercial Service's G-Cloud 11 Framework available on the digital marketplace.