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Government announcements | Brexit

08 March 2021

Brexit decisions are changing almost daily – explore the most up to date, topical announcements which might impact your business and people here.

Financial Conditions Index points to improving UK economic prospects says RSM
Joe Brusuelas

Today RSM’s Financial Conditions Index signals business optimism as it turned positive for the first time since the global pandemic started in March 2020. Combining the positive financial conditions with Budget support set out by the Chancellor, RSM believes the conditions are right for longer-term growth of the UK economy.

Brexit: Will UK data protection requirements change?
Simon Hart

04 March 2021

The good news is most of the UK data protection requirements remain unchanged post Brexit, as the UK Data Protection Act 2018 was designed to translate GDPR requirements to UK legislation.

What did the budget have in store for the media and tech sector?

03 March 2021

What did the Budget have in store for media and tech businesses? With the Chancellor continuing to push growth and innovation in the country this Budget was a positive result for the sector.

Tech, media and the debt market
Saxon Moseley

02 March 2021

Equity or debt funding? Media and tech business have access to both. But the magic of a well-funded business is in balancing the two.

How does Brexit affect the UK recruitment sector?
Simon Hart

15 February 2021

How will UK recruitment businesses be affected when the Brexit transition period ends? RSM’s Simon Hart examines the key Brexit impacts on the recruitment sector.

Essential 6: Economic updates
Simon Hart

10 February 2021

Watch our series of regularly recorded 6 minute economic update essentials from Simon Hart, lead International partner at RSM UK and Joe Brusuleas, chief economist at RSM US.

BoE rate announcement validates ‘boldness from business’ says RSM
Simon Hart

As the Bank of England (BoE) held interest rates at 0.1 per cent today, RSM has called on middle market businesses to use this as further evidence to be bold and invest in their future whilst borrowing remains at historic lows.

UK and global economic trade briefing

02 February 2021

Simon Hart, International Partner, and RSM US Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas update us on the state of the global economy and share their thoughts on planning for the way forward for middle market leaders.

Budget predictions
George Bull

02 February 2021

The 3 March Budget might well define this Chancellor’s legacy in the history books. Unfortunately for him, the fork in the path ahead is surrounded by conflicting signposts. Discover our Budget predictions for 2021.