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No such thing as a simple life for trustees

13 July 2016

While various government initiatives are focused on making tax compliance easier, life is becoming much more complicated for trustees. While professional trustees should be well placed to keep up-to-date with legislative changes, lay trustees could be at a real disadvantage.

When does a 'granny flat' become a second home?

13 July 2016

Proposed changes to legislation clarify how the new stamp duty surcharge will apply to property purchases that include an annexe.

After Brexit - what can individuals expect?

29 June 2016

There is rarely a time when individuals are not faced with some uncertainty, and the outcome of the referendum is no different. The only certainty is that there are bound to be some winners and some losers as a new tax regime evolves outside of EU oversight.

The bank of mum and dad

16 June 2016

Helping children to get on the property ladder may seem straightforward, but the tax and legal implications need careful thought if unexpected tax problems are to be avoided.

Tax policies bring new turbulence to the housing market

17 May 2016

A report by Rightmove this week has revealed the impact on first-time buyers of the rush by landlords to purchase buy-to-let properties ahead of the introduction of the new stamp duty surcharge. But with further tax changes for landlords on the way, the market could be bumpy for some time.

Bank of mum and dad - a road paved with good intentions

04 May 2016

As has been well reported, the Centre for Economics and Business Research suggests that the 'bank of mum and dad' will account for around £5bn of lending to children buying property, making them a top ten lender.

Reduction in CGT rates for commercial property

15 April 2016

Investors in commercial property will benefit from the reduction by 8 per cent in the rates of capital gains tax.

PETs result in Potential Extra Turmoil for David Cameron

12 April 2016

In the week politicians’ tax affairs have come under much scrutiny we have taken a stroll through the IHT archives to uncover the history of the gift rules that have attracted yet more unwelcome attention for the Prime Minister.

Property owners hitting a wall of tax

23 March 2016

Landlords and second home owners have faced a tough time recently following tax changes announced in both the Summer Budget 2015 and Budget 2016. So where are we know?

Unmoved by the capital gains tax reduction? You are not alone

17 March 2016

It came as quite a surprise that the chancellor chose to reduce rather than increase CGT, but if you strip out the exemptions to these lower rates, the ‘giveaway’ is not quite as generous as it first seems.