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PRINCE2 2017 update - one year on
Nigel Bennett

15 August 2018

For successful project delivery, it is vital that organisations establish consistency. The use of a project delivery method such as PRINCE2 is a good place to start. One year on from the PRINCE2 2017 update, we revisit the updated features contributing to its worldwide popularity.

RSM partners named top influencers in project management
Andy Murray

25 June 2018

RSM’s head of projects and programmes Andy Murray and consulting director Nigel Bennett have been named within the top 30 most influential people in project management by ILX, an internationally recognised provider of accredited professional learning.

PRINCE2 project management - what are the features and benefits of the 2017 update?
Nigel Bennett

12 June 2017

PRINCE2 is the most widely used project management method across the world. What are the features and benefits of the 2017 update which could help your organisation achieve better success in the delivery and management of your projects?

PRINCE2 project management – can this be applied to the private sector?
Nigel Bennett

12 April 2017

The new edition of PRINCE2 may now appeal more, and be better suited to, delivering projects within the private sector. In this article RSM looks at why this may be the case.

Are your projects delivering as well as you predicted?
Nigel Bennett

13 March 2017

When public sector projects go wrong we tend to hear about them. But what are the early warning signs of project failure and how can we avoid these?

Nigel Bennett

Consulting Director

Nigel helps organisations become more capable of delivering their bids, projects, programmes and portfolios effectively and efficiently.

Projects and programmes

We help you manage change better - quicker, for less money, with greater impact and improved stakeholder confidence.

Project and programme assurance

Organisations invest considerable financial and human resource in projects and programmes to deliver client solutions, business changes or to implement policy or strategy.

Project initiation

We help you manage change better - identifying the critical upfront actions you need to set up your change initiative for success.

Capability development

We help you manage change better. We can help you develop your people, processes, policies and systems to make them fit to deliver the changes you need.