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Pension scheme member communications webinar

21 May 2019

Join us in our upcoming webinar to hear from the RSM pensions team and Ferrier Pearce communications consultants to learn how effective member communications add value and mitigate risk.

Cyber risks continue to disrupt business

03 September 2018

We have now had a year to absorb the effects of the new ‘protected trust’ rules for offshore trusts, and to reflect on their implications for trustees and beneficiaries alike. The new rules change the UK tax treatment of trusts created prior to a settlor becoming deemed UK domiciled, but in which the settlor has retained an interest. Overall, the effect of the new rules is overwhelmingly positive, but great care needs to be taken with implementation.

Combat complacency and maintain compliance - what next for GDPR?
Sheila Pancholi

16 July 2018

The GDPR enforcement deadline of May 2018 has been and gone – but that’ doesn’t mean that it’s done and dusted, that was simply the tip of the iceberg for data privacy. Organisations who become complacent about maintaining GDPR compliance are very much in danger of falling foul of it.

Cost of cyber breaches to middle market businesses quadruples
Sheila Pancholi

26 April 2018

The average cost of cyber breaches affecting medium sized businesses has quadrupled in the last two years according to the latest government survey. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018 carried out by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, found that the estimated total cost of cyber breaches has consistently increased from £1,860 in 2016 to £3,070 in 2017 and £8,180 in 2018 – even when including breaches that do not result in lost assets or data. This represents an increase of over 400 per cent in just two years.

Wannacry no more? - cyber security in the NHS
Timothy Merritt

21 August 2017

The Wannacry cyber-attack created panic within the NHS and the disruption that followed impacted patient appointments, access to health records and the ability to access and use a range of systems.

The new reality for data protection in social housing
Sheila Pancholi

26 June 2017

The quantity and intricacies of the data held by social housing organisations means that they are particularly exposed under the new regulations. Is your organisation GDPR ready?

Tackling cyber crime complacency

15 May 2017

Cyberattacks are disruptive at their most basic, so why aren’t organisations doing all they can to prevent them?

Middle market businesses fail ethical hacking test
Steven Snaith

15 May 2017

A recent ethical hacking exercise targeting middle market companies has found serious deficiencies in the cyber defences of all the companies tested.

How important is awareness and education?
Sheila Pancholi

15 May 2017

When you look at the government's 10 steps to cybersecurity, the thing that really stands out throughout that matrix is actually board level responsibilities and risk management.

What is cybercrime and what can it impact?
Sheila Pancholi

15 May 2017

In terms of definition, you could define cybercrime as a malicious act against an IT system, some data or from an ever-increasing perspective against people.