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Do you have confidence in your customs duty position?
Ian Carpenter

19 November 2015

Do you have confidence in your customs duty position?
Recent experiences have highlighted the significant impact on margins that any mistakes in applying customs duty rules can have on businesses – from incorrect valuations on products leading to a deficit of duty being paid, to reliefs for rejected or returned goods not being appropriately claimed.

VAT – a blow for energy-saving projects and a welcome appearance for Draft VADR?

17 November 2015

Despite the pledge by government that there will be no rise in VAT, that doesn’t stop the Chancellor tinkering around the edges.

ERP, cloud and tax - are you planning ahead?
Chris Knowles

30 October 2015

An investment in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) syestem is a major decision. Unfortunately tax is all too often a neglected consideration.

Parcels delivering EU VAT registration problems

28 October 2015

Suppliers of e-services in the EU have had a real headache with VAT this year, and now it seems that businesses selling and delivering goods to consumers in the EU are coming under the spotlight. New guidance from the EU VAT Committee means these businesses could soon have to register and account for VAT in the member state of their customers. Not only that, but there’s also the potential of double taxation too. Time to reach for the paracetamol?

Planning for a new piece of technology or cloud system?

07 October 2015

An investment in a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a major decision. Unfortunately tax is all too often a neglected consideration…

R&D tax relief & VAT – An opportunity to add value to your clients?
Ian Carpenter

01 October 2015

For architects’ clients, commissioning a property development or redevelopment is a significant step and a major financial investment. In budgeting for a project, tax is a potential cash or cash-flow cost element and in our experience clients will welcome solutions to mitigate or eliminate this cost.

Will the LibDems' new VAT policy further the cause of the tourism lobby?

23 September 2015

The Liberal Democrats this week voted in favour of reducing VAT on tourist accommodation and attractions in stark contrast to the position taken by the Conservative/LibDem coalition government. The motion in favour of a reduction from 20 per cent to 5 per cent argued that similar initiatives in other EU countries had increased jobs and stimulated economic activity. So if the case is so compelling, why hasn’t the UK followed suit?

An opportunity to recover VAT from your Corporate Finance deal costs?
Ian Carpenter

26 August 2015

The issue of how much VAT incurred in connection with corporate mergers, acquisitions or restructuring can be recovered has been one of VAT’s longest running disputes between businesses and HMRC.

Carrier bag tax till operators will have to become tax experts

18 August 2015

From 5 October, England will, like Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, charge 5p for the use of plastic carrier bags. Although exempt from VAT in Northern Ireland, carrier bags sold in England, Scotland and Wales generate 0.83 pence in VAT to HMRC.

Mitigating VAT on energy-saving installations

05 August 2015

The government is considering the implications of the EU Court’s decision that the UK failed to comply with European VAT rules in universally applying VAT