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Rugby club tackles HMRC to set precedent for VAT savings

10 August 2016

Whether or not a zero VAT rate can be applied to the construction of a charity building is not always straightforward and fundamentally comes down to the use of the building. However, a recent decision of the Upper-tier VAT Tribunal could create a welcome precedent for amateur sports clubs and other community based organisations to save VAT on construction costs.

VAT Tribunal may test ‘business as usual’ following Brexit vote

13 July 2016

A recent case before the VAT Tribunal has seemingly set the UK on a course which may test HMRC’s assertion that it’s ‘business as usual’ following the EU referendum.

If Scotland and London remain in the EU, what happens to trade in the UK?

29 June 2016

With some in Scotland and in London manoeuvring to remain within the EU, trading within the UK could get very interesting…

Post Brexit VAT and duty implications are certainly uncertain

29 June 2016

Post-Brexit a UK government, unencumbered by the constraints of the EU’s Principal VAT Directive, will have greater flexibility to change the UK VAT system. So what can we expect?

VAT landscape proves unyielding terrain for Friends of the Earth

22 June 2016

Generating a steady stream of donations is the lifeblood of every charity, but whether VAT on underlying costs is recoverable may depend on the original ‘chugging’ pitch.

While kids just want to have fun, parents pick up the VAT costs

22 June 2016

Keeping kids amused and occupied in the school holidays can be stressful for parents, particularly in the summer break. This has led many parents to turn to holiday camps, but they’re not cheap, particularly when you add on the VAT.

Modernising VAT in the EU

12 May 2016

Although no immediate action is required, the European Commission’s Action Plan on VAT gives a direction of travel on accounting and reporting of VAT on intra-community supplies.

NHS Trusts to receive VAT windfall
Ian Carpenter

11 May 2016

Around 140 NHS Trusts across England could benefit from a VAT windfall worth millions of pounds following a climbdown by HM Revenue & Customs.

HMRC VAT policy catches up with Town and Country Planning Orders

04 May 2016

HMRC has finally clarified its policy concerning the VAT zero-rated sale of non-residential buildings that have been converted into dwellings. Good news for builders and a victory for common sense, but could this lead to resolution of other contentious VAT issues in the construction industry? We live in hope…

Importers beware changes to customs duty arrangements
Ian Carpenter

27 April 2016

There are changes to customs duty arrangements coming into force this weekend which could have a significant impact on businesses that import goods into the UK or EU.