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VAT how did the 'fiscal theme park' get so complicated?

21 December 2016

'VAT will be a simple tax on the supply of goods and services', but in the nigh on forty-five years since Anthony Barber, Chancellor of the Exchequer made that statement, the application of VAT has turned out to be anything but simple. Indeed for many, the only ‘simple’ thing about VAT is how to spell it, but the Office of Tax Simplification could change this.

UK consumers may not benefit from European Commission proposals on e-books
Ian Carpenter

02 December 2016

New European Commission proposals which could bring an end to the unequal VAT treatment between e-publications and their printed equivalents may not benefit UK consumers warns RSM.

VAT Flat Rate Scheme

23 November 2016

A change to the scheme, with the stated intention of counteringtax-avoidance motive, may significantly reduce its benefit to many completely innocent users.

Will the tax avoidance picture get worse before it gets better?

15 November 2016

Tax transparency remains a key area of focus for HMRC, but could forthcoming regulatory changes cause a spike in tax avoidance transactions being reported?

Uber and the charge to VAT

01 November 2016

If we thought the direct tax/NIC issues in Uber are complex, the VAT consequences for Uber, its drivers, and its customers - and indeed similar business models - take ‘complex’ to a whole new level. If acting as principal, Uber faces a VAT bill; if acting as agent, the VAT liability rests with the drivers.

Managing the hidden risk of VAT

20 October 2016

VAT is often considered a remote risk for businesses. However, a recent tribunal case highlights the real reputational and financial risk that inaccurate accounting processes can cause. With increasing scrutiny on corporate taxes in the UK and globally - could we see more businesses slipping up?

The hidden risk of indirect tax, is your business affected? 

30 September 2016

VAT revenue collected by HMRC has been rising year-on-year, from £70bn in 2009-10 to £115bn in 2015-16. Businesses should not underestimate the risks that this poses.

VAT blow to charities construction works

06 September 2016

UK charities seeking VAT relief on the construction of new buildings have been dealt a blow by a tax court. The Court of Appeal has determined that, it is not a charity’s objectives which will determine if it is afforded VAT reliefs, but whether fees paid by users fall within the scope of VAT.

HMRC extends transitional period for deducting VAT on pension scheme costs

06 September 2016

HMRC announced a year extension to the transitional period under which employers are entitled to deduct VAT paid on services relating to the administration of pension schemes.