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Penalties imposed in higher income child benefit charge cases could be refunded

08 November 2018

A surprising change of approach relating to penalties in higher income child benefit charge cases is welcome news. Is it too much to hope that this softer stance from HMRC will extend to penalties arising in other unexpectedly complex tax areas?

Is naming and shaming tax defaulters an effective tax evasion deterrent?

24 August 2018

Being ‘named and shamed’ as a tax evader presents a serious reputational and financial risk. But do taxpayers see this as a deterrent? And do they know the risks?

Taking penalties - is HMRC winning the fight against inaccuracy?

28 June 2018

Does a decrease in the total number of penalties imposed suggest better compliance, or does it reflect resource pressure at HMRC to check and detect the errors? We unpick new figures obtained by RSM under the Freedom of Information Act to reveal some interesting trends. ¬

A missed penalty

22 June 2018

Some time ago we reported a tax tribunal decision that suggested that the automatic late return penalties issued by HMRC may be invalid as they did not involve a human being making an assessment. Another situation in which HMRC appears to be issuing erroneous penalty notices has now come to light.

Tax the old or tax the rich?

10 May 2018

The Resolution Foundation has published the final report of the Intergenerational Commission “A New Generational Contract”. Recognising that most families are already doing whatever they can to care for their older people while supporting the younger ones, the report states categorically that “so far the state has failed to adapt”. Sadly, those families which have done most to adapt are the ones which are most likely to suffer under the new proposals.

Virtual justice - the way forward?

23 April 2018

A recent tribunal case in which participants gave evidence via video link could open the way for more virtual courtrooms - a development that should increase access to justice and save everybody time and money.

History makes domicile - how much family history would you need to ensure the correct tax treatment?

13 April 2018

Domicile is a key tax concept which helps to establish the taxation of overseas assets and affects many taxpayers. Even with the recent changes to the rules introducing deemed UK domicile after fifteen out of twenty years of UK residence, domicile will continue to be relevant, especially for people returning to the UK with a previous UK domicile of origin, who are relatively harshly treated by the new rules.

Sarah Saunders

Personal Tax Manager

Sarah is a personal tax manager based in our London office.

Increased HMRC focus on offshore property for developers

04 April 2018

Are your clients at risk of an investigation by the Offshore Property Developers Task Force (OPDTF)?

HMRC's targeting of EIS investors could damage the growth of the UK economy

09 February 2018

HMRC appears concerned about perceived abuse of the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) tax reliefs available to individuals. It is undertaking a data-mining programme, using profiling, to open detailed formal tax enquiries into the personal tax affairs of investors, principally to gather data.