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'Tax evasion, avoidance, planning and imbalances'
Mike Down

08 July 2015

Chancellor expands crackdown on those who side-step their tax obligations by grouping 'planning' and 'imbalances' to 'evasion' and 'avoidance' – what happens next?

Alternative dispute resolution

Alternative dispute resolution may be able to offer you a confidential and time-efficient way to resolve your dispute with HMRC. Discuss your situation with RSM’s experienced tax advisers to determine the right way to proceed.

Contractual disclosure facility

HMRC has been using code of practice 9 and the contractual disclosure facility more widely in recent years. If you’re faced with an investigation, our team has the experience and inside knowledge to help you achieve the best outcome.

HMRC taskforce and initiatives

HMRC’s targeted taskforce and initiatives focus on sectors and regions where they believe tax is being underpaid. We can help you regularise your tax affairs, minimise penalties and make the most of the incentives to come clean.

Mike Down


Mike is a partner in RSM’s tax risk and investigation management team. He oversees all types of tax investigation, from suspected serious fraud to HMRC local compliance checks.