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Inflicting or contradicting? Why HMRC can't make its mind up about fines...

17 September 2015

HMRC has started sending Self-Assessment ‘correction’ letters to taxpayers failing to disclose the receipt of Child Benefit on their Tax Returns.

HMRC targets offshore tax evaders

09 September 2015

HMRC is pressing ahead with measures to tackle offshore tax evasion, including a new strict liability offence of hiding taxable income and gains offshore.

'Suspiciously rich' face having to explain their wealth

02 September 2015

Weekly Tax Brief we have regularly reported on HMRC pressing ahead with an increasingly robust approach to tackling tax evasion and avoidance, including a new ‘strict liability’ criminal offence of hiding taxable income and gains offshore. These new measures form part of the worldwide drift towards wealth and tax transparency and dealing with criminality, not just in financial matters but against corruption more widely.

Watch out, watch out - there's a taxman about!

25 August 2015

In his Summer Budget, the Chancellor announced plans to commit more resource to help identify and tackle tax evasion on wealthy taxpayers perceived to be understating and underpaying their taxes.

Last call for the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility

18 August 2015

Since its inception in September 2009, more than 6,500 people have registered to participate in the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF).

Could Esports players be next in the taxman's sights?

11 August 2015

For the 350,000 people from 96 countries attending the Gamescom computer games fair in Cologne this week, among the reported highlights were the latest developments in Esports.

Chancellor extends tax evasion measures in UK Summer Budget

06 August 2015

There was no let-up in the Government’s and HMRC’s message regarding tax evasion, with significant announcements and publications on how they intend to crack down on offshore tax evaders.

Inheritance tax to apply to UK property held indirectly by nom-doms

06 August 2015

The Summer Budget 2015 introduced yet another significant (and perhaps the last) tax targeting of UK residential property, with the proposal to apply UK inheritance tax to property held indirectly by non-doms including through excluded property trusts.

Debtor pressure increases as HMRC 'modernise' their powers and procedures

16 July 2015

The Chancellor has clarified the position at last on HMRC’s new powers to recover debts directly from the bank accounts of debtors. But at a cost of nearly a million pounds, are these new powers really necessary?

Be prepared for more prosecutions

09 July 2015

Do you share the view expressed during the last Parliament by the Public Accounts Committee that HMRC has been reluctant to prosecute tax evaders? If so, get ready to change your perception.