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Tax return deadline - get it done but get it right

26 January 2016

Sunday’s self-assessment deadline is fast approaching, and taxpayers need to get a move on if they haven’t already filed their return. But be warned, if you’re rushing to meet the deadline then you’re more likely to make mistakes – and that could prove to be very costly…

An alternative way forward?

25 January 2016

With HMRC’s increasing focus on non-compliance, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers a confidential and time-efficient way to resolve a tax dispute, including those involving overseas issues.

Is HMRC trying to circumvent legal time limits for tax enquiries

19 January 2016

A fundamental principle of the tax system is that taxpayers are entitled to certainty over finality in their annual tax affairs. Legally, HMRC has a strict time limit, known as the ‘enquiry window’ to raise questions about a submitted tax return. That time limit is 12 months from the date the return is received by HMRC. However, we are now seeing examples of HMRC indulging in what appears to be a backdoor attempt to extend the legal time limit beyond that set out by Parliament – a very concerning development which could leave taxpayers at the mercy of HMRC without adequate safeguards.

Leaner, meaner and a darn sight keener – the taxman ups the fight against evasion in 2016

22 December 2015

Recent press comment suggests that 25% of tax prosecution cases involve tax lost of just £10,000.

Tax cases in Alternative Dispute Resolution rise by over 70 per cent
Mike Down

09 December 2015

New figures show that the number of personal and small business tax disputes accepted for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has risen by over 70 per cent in the last year.

Has the taxman's timing left HMRC staff smiling?

08 December 2015

The results of the HMRC element of the Civil Service People Survey 2015 were announced last week. Over 42,000 employees took part in the survey, some 65 per cent of the workforce.

New offshore disclosure facility to be ‘tougher’ than Liechtenstein

01 December 2015

With the registration for the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility closing on 31 December, a new ‘tougher’ offshore disclosure facility will take its place, giving tax evaders a ‘last chance’ opportunity to come clean.

Getting tough on tax cheats

25 November 2015

No surprises as the Chancellor allocates an additional £800m to crack down on offshore tax evasion ad general non-compliance.

Six weeks left to come clean under the taxman's disclosure
Mike Down

16 November 2015

RSM is warning individuals that have tax irregularities that time is running out to come clean to the taxman as the popular Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) finally closes on 31 December 2015.

Beware the ex-spouse spilling the beans to the taxman

20 October 2015

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling that two women should receive more money after they claimed they were misled by their ex-husbands about the extent of their wealth has put the spotlight on the issue of financial disclosure in divorce cases. It’s not unknown for former spouses to spill the beans to HMRC about the extent of an ex-partner’s financial assets – a move that can have serious implications for tax liabilities.