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HMRC launches the Worldwide Disclosure Facility
Andrew Hinsley

07 September 2016

On 5 September 2016 HMRC launched the new Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) relating to non-compliance by taxpayers in respect of their offshore interests.

RSM comments on HMRC plans to tackle offshore tax evasion
Mike Down

24 August 2016

Today’s announcement from HMRC gives us scant detail on the new Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) for those wanting to come forward and pay outstanding taxes from offshore investments and accounts.

HMRC’s ‘careless’ approach fails to topple Mr Steady

19 July 2016

HMRC continues to take a strict approach to imposing penalties, but when is a mistake ‘careless’ behaviour or genuine human error? And why is HMRC so intent on pursuing such modest amounts of penalty in such a vigorous way?

Jumping the gun - HMRC's increasing trend towards penalties for 'deliberate' errors

01 June 2016

HMRC’s increasing trend in arguing that errors on tax returns are the result of ‘deliberate’ behaviour rather than genuine mistakes has not gone unnoticed in tax brief. And more recently, a Tax Tribunal case has proved what we believed all along…

My HMRC - right or wrong?

01 June 2016

It’s a simple error – you pick up the wrong form, fill it in, and send it off to the authorities. In most cases you can fill in a new one, and hey presto – the mistake is rectified. But sadly not when it comes to applying for tax relief it appears…

Are Panama Papers delaying the new tougher offshore disclosure facility?

27 April 2016

Following the closure of the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) at the end of 2015, we were anticipating a new “last chance” opportunity for those wishing to regularise offshore tax issues. So far, however, there has been nothing. Could this be related to the Panama Papers revelations?

Is HMRC doing enough to tackle tax fraud?

19 April 2016

Still smarting over criticism of their attempts to tackle tax fraud, what more can HMRC do to reduce the billions of pounds lost as a result of fraud?

Managing an offshore disclosure - what to do next?

04 April 2016

The revelations emerging from Panama and the threat of further leaks will almost certainly mean sleepless nights for some. So what should you do if you’re worried that the taxman might come knocking?

HMRC powers under microscope in Gold Nuts case

17 February 2016

Rather than criminally investigate everyone it suspects of tax evasion, HMRC often offers taxpayers the Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF) which provides an opportunity to come clean and admit to all tax irregularities in return for a guarantee of criminal immunity. But a recent Tribunal case – Gold Nuts and Others v. HMRC - in which an appellant unequivocally denied involvement in tax fraud has raised some interesting issues around the interaction between HMRC’s civil and criminal investigations.

HMRC extends investigation time limits

17 February 2016

HMRC is seeking to deal with a lack of resource by a backdoor extension of the legal timeframe for starting tax enquiries.