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Forget Class 4 NIC – the Chancellor should be tackling tax evasion

14 March 2017

The amount of extra revenue generated by the rise in NICs announced at the Budget is a mere drop in the ocean compared to the total Tax Gap of £36bn. Wouldn’t tackling tax evasion by offering some kind of amnesty be a more effective way of raising revenue?

Why is HMRC taking a harder line on penalties?

09 February 2017

It is right that those who deliberately understate their tax liabilities are subject to the full force of HMRC’s penalty regime. But we have real concerns that some HMRC officers might – in an attempt to raise revenue – be seeking to wrongly and unfairly deem behaviour to be ‘deliberate’ in cases where the taxpayer has made a genuine mistake.

Still phishing

31 January 2017

Getting the digital communications strategy right is becoming increasingly important for HMRC as it pushes forward with the Making Tax Digital project – but how will it ‘tackle’ phishing fears from a large percentage of its customers?

HMRC gives out more ‘yellow card’ warnings for ‘careless’ errors

31 January 2017

In last week’s weekly tax brief, we highlighted an increase in penalties for those found to have deliberately understated their income.

Tax penalties for deliberate errors rise six-fold

25 January 2017

New figures obtained by RSM under the Freedom of Information Act show a huge rise in penalties for those deemed to have deliberately understated their income. But is this new approach a sign of ‘penalty farming’ and are innocent people being unfairly penalised?

HMRC's customer service – how did we get here?

05 January 2017

The MBE awarded to HMRC’s head of customer services in the New Year Honours List has understandably attracted some interesting press coverage, very little of it favourable.

Festive fears for taxpayers as HMRC launches pre-Christmas 'nudge' campaign

21 December 2016

We have commented in the past on some of HMRC’s poorly thought-out 'nudge' letter campaigns.

Could innocent Brits face sanctions in HMRC’s offshore tax clampdown?

15 November 2016

We expect to see more precise details about the 'Requirement to Correct' regime in next week’s Autumn Statement, but could HMRC’s hard line see innocent Brits unfairly punished for making a genuine mistake?

And finally…HMRC discovers post-it notes

27 September 2016

In a world full of cutting-edge, 24/7 communication channels, HMRC revert back to a tried and tested method to encourage tax payers to pay up: Post-It notes. Whatever next?

Will the latest HMRC nudge initiative help plug the tax gap

21 September 2016

In an effort to maximise recoveries, HMRC is carrying out a trial to find out if sending text message alerts to taxpayers will increase the chances of them paying their taxes on time. So will this help plug the £34bn tax gap?