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Brexit - retaining an EU business presence

20 September 2019

With a Brexit date of 31 October 2019 still the default position, many UK businesses will be considering setting up in another EU jurisdiction to maintain an EU presence. Besides commercial considerations, there will be tax consequences to consider.

VAT case threatens price hike for some cosmetic procedures

28 August 2019

A recent First Tier Tribunal decision has ruled that the procedures undertaken by health clinic Skin Rich Limited (SRL) were cosmetic in nature and were not exempt as either medical care or, given they were not regarded as a regulated clinic, as qualifying services provided by a hospital or similar institution.

Making tax digital - HMRC’s guidance updated

14 June 2019

Over a month after some organisations began their first making tax digital (MTD) compliant VAT return period, HMRC made a series of changes to its guidance on this reform. While there are a number of welcome changes, affected organisations should take note to ensure that their implementation takes account of them.

Import VAT for non-owners and more on Brexit and customs duty

18 May 2019

While details of the UK’s long-term relationship with the European Union (EU) remain unclear, the VAT and customs issues associated with international trade continue to throw up challenges.

Changes in VAT policy for retained payments and deposits
Philip Munn

15 May 2019

The changes in the policy of Value Added Tax (VAT) for retained payments and deposits. Find out what the changes are and how they can affect you.

Making tax digital - patience is a virtue

24 April 2019

Over the course of the last few months, organisations around the UK have braced themselves for the introduction of making tax digital for VAT (MTDfV). While a lucky few ‘complex’ organisations have a six-month deferral, most have had one date in mind: 1 April 2019. However, timing your registration for this new system must be carefully timed to ensure that you don’t sign up too soon.

Countdown to Brexit – VAT and customs duty preparations

09 March 2019

With less than three weeks until the UK leaves the EU, HMRC has been releasing guidance and legislation that anticipates a no-deal Brexit. It is apparent that, so far as possible, the Government wants to make the transition as painless as possible. To take advantage of the Government’s spirit of cooperation, businesses must act now.

Court ruling on VAT decision affects retailers’ interest free offerings
Philip Munn

06 November 2018

Dixons Carphone Plc (DSG) case regarding the sales of goods on interest free terms is brought to First-tier Tribunal. Tribunal rules against DSG but further litigation likely. Decision impacts retail industry and how similar businesses manage interest free credit terms.

VAT overview

29 October 2018

No doubt Philip Hammond will hope that the only press coverage around VAT focuses on the range of donations to good causes. Many small businesses will note that by freezing the VAT registration threshold until April 2022, the Chancellor has in fact increased expected exchequer revenue in 2021 and 2022, as inflation will bring more organisations into the VAT system. However, it is his measures to stop unfair outcomes that has led to the greatest tax windfall for the Exchequer, with well over £1bn expected to be generated over the next five years across five measures.

European Commission announces action on VAT evasion in the yachting sector
Philip Munn

12 March 2018

The European Commission has announced it is acting to end what it regards as VAT evasion in the maritime sector. The action follows revelations contained in the Paradise Papers of widespread VAT evasion in the purchase of ‘private boats’. The EU believes this evasion is facilitated by national rules which do not comply with EU VAT law.