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The EU responds to BEPS

10 March 2016

The EU Commission estimates that around 20 per cent of corporate tax revenue in the EU is currently lost to tax avoidance.

Large business - spotlight on tax strategy

17 February 2016

Large businesses will soon be required to publish their UK tax strategy. What does this mean?

Anson and double tax relief

07 October 2015

When a UK individual or company invests outside the UK, there are many overseas entity types that can be used to ‘hold’ the investment and the investor’s UK tax position will depend on how the UK rules treat the overseas investment entity for tax purposes.

Corporation tax - what's the future?

12 August 2015

A funny thing happened on 8 July; the Chancellor announced that the UK’s corporation tax rate will fall to 18 per cent by 2020. What is going on?

Dan Robertson


Dan is corporate tax partner with over 15 years experience of advising clients on their corporate and international tax affairs.