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Finance Bill shrinks in the parliamentary wash-up

03 June 2017

The announcement of a snap general election had an immediate impact on some of the most eye-catching announcements for corporates from the Spring Budget , with the parliamentary wash-up seeing key clauses dropped from a foreshortened Finance Act 2017, which received royal assent on 27 April.

An update on US tax reform

03 June 2017

The importance of the United States to the UK is obvious. It is currently the world’s largest economy, the largest destination for UK exports, and the second largest source of UK imports, so the US has long been a target for businesses seeking to attract interest from overseas or to expand their horizons beyond the UK.

Will your business structure help you grow?
David Blacher

20 April 2017

For fast-growing and ambitious tech companies, the right business structure is key. The wrong structure can make it harder to reach strategic objectives: the business becomes more difficult to manage and ultimately incurs higher tax and compliance costs.

Corporate loss relief reform update

17 March 2017

Changes to the corporation tax loss relief rules are due to be implemented from 1 April 2017. They will be accompanied by a series of recently published anti-avoidance rules.

Substantial shareholding exemption - a change for the better

17 March 2017

The outcome of the government’s consultation on reforming the substantial shareholding exemption (SSE) has significantly expanded the exemption and reduced the complexity associated with its application.

Simplification of the corporation tax computation

17 December 2016

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a progress report on its work regarding the simplification of the corporation tax computation.

Michael Plant

Tax Partner

Michael is a corporate tax director serving the East Midlands from our Nottingham office.

Large business tax strategy

17 November 2016

Finance Act 2016 has set the clock ticking on the requirement for large businesses to publish their tax strategy.

Widening the withholding tax net

16 June 2016

Forthcoming changes will increase the circumstances in which UK withholding tax will apply on intellectual property royalties .

Corporation tax - Britain blazing a trail

15 April 2016

A reduced rate of UK corporation tax will be outweighed by a number of tax raising measures for larger corporates.