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RSM reacts to Skills and Post 16 Education Bill
Stephanie Mason

19 May 2021

Stephanie Mason, RSM’s head of further education, said: The Skills and Post 16 Education Bill recognises the positive contribution and importance further education (FE) has on the economy which is welcome news for the sector. However, the levels and accessibility to funding will be a concern for FE providers and with known challenges around levels of funding.

How to get a tax liability without really trying
Stephanie Mason

21 April 2021

Contrary to popular belief, colleges are not completely exempt from tax. Instead, there is a complex web of very specific tax exemptions which you must work within if corporation tax is not to become payable. This means it is very easy to accidentally end up with a corporation tax liability.

Capital funding for colleges
Stephanie Mason

24 February 2021

For the first time in years, several colleges within the further education sector have been awarded significant amounts of capital funding. RSM explores the challenges colleges must consider when using these funds.

RSM react to Skills for Jobs White Paper
Stephanie Mason

22 January 2021

RSM's head of further education, Stephanie Mason, comments on Skills for Jobs White Paper.

Support for training providers
Mike Cheetham

13 January 2021

The rules for training providers for apprenticeships have evolved since the introduction of the levy in 2017. Make sure you know what steps you should be taking as a provider – read more here.

Effective apprenticeships: developing skills and plugging the gaps
Mike Cheetham

13 January 2021

Apprenticeships are increasingly an alternative way of recruiting and plugging skills gaps. There are a number of risks and opportunities for both employers and training providers – find out more here.

Supporting employers
Mike Cheetham

13 January 2021

The prospect of setting up an apprenticeship is daunting – so it is key to do it properly. As an organisation develops its apprenticeship programmes they need to ask themselves the right questions and mitigate the risks. Read more about how organisations should be equipping themselves, and the right steps to take.

Post 16 Audit Code of Practice 2019 20
Stephanie Mason

07 August 2020

The ‘Post-16 Audit Code of Practice 2019-20’ (ACOP) has been published in July 2020 and applies from 1 August 2019. It sets out the ‘assurance and accountability requirements for post-16 providers, including sixth-form and further education colleges’.

Academies Financial Handbook: delivering internal scrutiny during and after coronavirus
Stephanie Mason

13 May 2020

Coronavirus lockdown and lack of onsite internal scrunity is putting academies in a tough position in their attempts to gather assurance and information for their summary reports as outlined in the financial handbook.

Practical steps and Government reliefs for the education sector
Stephanie Mason

25 March 2020

We have looked to summarise the practical steps those in the education sector should be looking to take to mitigate the issues caused by coronavirus.