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Governance matters

19 September 2016

Accountability appeared 64 times in the academies White Paper – are your academy governors accountable for effectiveness and efficiency?

Four key steps to practical development of assurance arrangements

25 August 2016

There are four main steps to developing board assurance arrangements; does your board have any of these steps in place?

What is assurance mapping?

25 August 2016

Discover the key benefits of assurance mapping when developing and producing your board assurance framework, and how as a result will support achieving your academy’s strategic objectives.

What is a board assurance framework?

25 August 2016

We explain the purpose of board assurance and answer your core questions. Does your board understand and implement a risk management strategy?

Academies back to school report - April 2016
Mike Cheetham

08 April 2016

Welcome to the academies back to school report, inside this edition we look at the white paper in more detail.

All state schools to become academies by 2020 but challenges ahead warns RSM
Mike Cheetham

16 March 2016

Commenting on the Budget, Mike Cheetham said:‘The Chancellor’s formal announcement that the full academisation of the English school system will be forced through by legislation is a surprise.

Back to school

18 January 2016

Welcome to the first Back to school report of 2016 - our first under our new identity as RSM.

A going concern

18 January 2016

The ability of the academy in meeting their liabilities as they fall due is very topical. Having a legal duty to look after money and other assets means understanding and keeping track of income and spending to spot any issues as early as possible.

Does a one size CFO fit all?

18 January 2016

Running a school is a challenging business and recruiting the right CFO isn’t as simple as it seems. The role requires someone with gravitas and know-how to play this pivotal role.