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Using Apprenticeships to boost your access to talent in construction
James Whybrow

20 January 2021

There are more apprenticeships in construction than any other sector. As access to EU workers changes and with recent levy changes, is now the time to overhaul your apprenticeship strategy?

Support for training providers

13 January 2021

The rules for training providers for apprenticeships have evolved since the introduction of the levy in 2017. Make sure you know what steps you should be taking as a provider – read more here.

Effective apprenticeships: developing skills and plugging the gaps

13 January 2021

Apprenticeships are increasingly an alternative way of recruiting and plugging skills gaps. There are a number of risks and opportunities for both employers and training providers – find out more here.

Supporting employers

13 January 2021

The prospect of setting up an apprenticeship is daunting – so it is key to do it properly. As an organisation develops its apprenticeship programmes they need to ask themselves the right questions and mitigate the risks. Read more about how organisations should be equipping themselves, and the right steps to take.

Mike Cheetham

04 February 2020

Apprenticeships are a powerful tool in narrowing the poverty gap and giving opportunity to those who have traditional not been exposed to them. They can come with some complex rules and tick boxes, read more about what organisations need to consider when it comes to offering an effective apprenticeship programme.

Academies back to school report | Autumn 2017

04 September 2017

In this edition, we look at implementing social media policies, employee benefits, how the new data protection legislation will affect enrolment and much more.

General Data Protection Regulation - are you prepared?

04 September 2017

Academies urged to prepare as failure to comply with the new rules could result in significant penalties and reputational damage.

Academies back to school report April 2017

26 April 2017

In this edition we look at the implementing good governance and financial management, working with related parties, preparing your academy for the new off-payroll rules and much more.

Back to school report - January

17 January 2017

In this edition we look at the incoming apprenticeship levy, stage 2 funding consultation, the essentials of risk management and much more.

Are you aware of sports funding?

17 January 2017

With increasing pressure on schools to find more creative ways to increase their income - has your academy considered sports funding?