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Businesses report £262m in fraud losses in 2016-17
Akhlaq Ahmed

13 November 2017

Data obtained by RSM under the freedom of information act has revealed that businesses reported £262m in fraud losses last year.

Businesses warned after £32m lost to mandate fraud
Akhlaq Ahmed

02 October 2017

Businesses are being urged to alert staff to the dangers of mandate fraud after new figures show losses topped £32m last year. The data, obtained by RSM from Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre, reveal that businesses submitted over 1,500 reports about mandate fraud in 2016-17.

Businesses report £40 million in losses from employee fraud
Akhlaq Ahmed

18 September 2017

New data obtained by RSM under the freedom of information act has revealed that businesses reported more than £40m in losses from corporate employee fraud last year.

Analysis of 2016/17 internal audit high priority management actions in the NHS
Nick Atkinson

30 August 2017

The NHS continues to operate within a significantly challenging environment, and whilst the scale and depth of those challenges are well documented, pressure on the NHS is arguably greater than it has ever been.

NHS Health Matters - Summer 2017

22 August 2017

Welcome to the Summer edition of RSM’s quarterly Health Matters publication.

Wannacry no more? - cyber security in the NHS
Timothy Merritt

21 August 2017

The Wannacry cyber-attack created panic within the NHS and the disruption that followed impacted patient appointments, access to health records and the ability to access and use a range of systems.

Conflicts of interest benchmarking report | Clinical Commissioning Groups
Nick Atkinson

09 August 2017

Since the inception of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in 2013 one of the big areas of contention has centred on the management and monitoring of Conflicts of Interest.

Diagnosis fraud: NHS benchmarking report
Timothy Merritt

13 July 2017

Our new report provides NHS organisations with a high-level overview on the fraud risks currently facing the healthcare sector.

NHS Health Matters - Spring 2017

03 May 2017

In this edition we look at the governance arrangements around sustainability and transformation plans, how the new data protection regulation impacts the sector, examine whether the taxation system is affecting the NHS landscape and much more.

Consumer sector at risk: how to stay on the right side of the Modern Slavery Act?
Akhlaq Ahmed

27 April 2017

The Modern Slavery Act is global legislation which requires comprehensive reporting and the publication of an anti-slavery statement on a company’s homepage.