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NHS Health Matters report | August 2018
Timothy Merritt

22 August 2018

Welcome to RSM’s summer edition of Health Matters. In this edition we have included an eclectic mix of articles in this instance based upon recent experiences of our client delivery teams.

The consumer sector is not immune to tax evasion, money laundering or bribery, so what should Boards be thinking about?

15 June 2018

For the consumer sector with global supply chains and third-party networks, the risk of illegal or suspicious activity is considerably higher.

NHS Health Matters report
Timothy Merritt

27 April 2018

As we enter a new financial year RSM’s latest edition of Health Matter’s concentrates on the constant requirement to ensure good governance is maintained. Whilst our experience of working in a wide and varied base of NHS organisations shows that governance is generally effective, a few recent CQC reports have highlighted concerns in this area. This edition is based around the theme of governance and covers a range of issues. Download your copy now.

How the Bribery Act 2010 impacts you and your organisation
Timothy Merritt

09 April 2018

The Bribery Act 2010 has transformed the legal framework in relation to corruption and bribery in the United Kingdom and overseas by introducing new, chargeable offences. This includes, for example, the corporate offence of ‘failure to prevent bribery’ which can lead to a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment with unlimited fines. Have you considered the implications and reputational affect in exposure of your organisation?

NHS Health Matters – December edition

14 December 2017

Welcome to the December edition of RSM’s Health Matters publication.

Are you failing to prevent tax evasion? Get ready for going digital

14 December 2017

The new Criminal Finances Act 2017 was introduced on the 30 September 2017 and will make the NHS criminally liable if they fail to prevent tax evasion by a member of their staff or via any associated person.

Procurement fraud - what to believe?

14 December 2017

One of the questions we constantly pose is ‘what is the prevalence of procurement fraud in the NHS?’ – would your organisation know the answer?

The NHS dilemma - how safe are your people?

14 December 2017

How does your board ensure that your patients remain satisfied and your reputation remains intact?

Analysis of 2016/17 internal audit high priority management actions in the NHS
Nick Atkinson

30 August 2017

The NHS continues to operate within a significantly challenging environment, and whilst the scale and depth of those challenges are well documented, pressure on the NHS is arguably greater than it has ever been.

NHS health matters | Summer 2017

22 August 2017

Welcome to the Summer edition of RSM’s quarterly Health Matters publication.